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From 2011-09-11 to 2011-10-10


09:48 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1606 (Feedback): nwam problem after powerfail (with UPS)...
What kind of NIC is this, and what is logged in /var/adm/messages when this occurs? Chris Jordan
09:31 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #1613 (Closed): PostBooks - open source ERP
SFE has its own bug tracker at
Please resubmit this request there.
Chris Jordan
09:29 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1614 (Closed): OpenTAPS - open source ERP software
SFE has it's own bug tracker at
I'm afraid I don't have a way to mo...
Chris Jordan


11:36 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #1559: Copyright Notices
I'm not sure if we could legally change that or not. Since it's the copyright notice for the kernel I'm assigning it... Chris Jordan


11:40 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1544 (Closed): oi b151a fails to boot on parallels 7
Parallel's site says Parallels 7 only supports
Solaris 10
Open Solaris 2009.06
as guest operating systems. So...
Chris Jordan


03:38 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #1547 (Closed): "login:" prompt after selecting your keyboard and language
Sorry, the Intel HD 3000 (Sandy Bridge) graphics are not supported in OpenIndiana 151 but I believe they do hope to h... Chris Jordan

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