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From 2011-10-11 to 2011-11-09


10:17 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1749 (Closed): No GUI after os_151a install in VirtualBox
Chris Jordan


10:20 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1670 (Closed): need add symlinks to gnupg files
I'm closing this since it's a duplicate of bug #1220 Chris Jordan


11:35 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1658: NIS setup fails after sys-unconfig
I was able to duplicate this in Virtualbox with 151a by running sys-unconfig and then attempting to configure NIS (no... Chris Jordan


12:38 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1632: meld doesn't work ootb
I can duplicate this, meld wants pygtk to run but the pkg doesn't have a dependency on python-gnome-libs-24. Chris Jordan


10:03 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1600 (New): Logitech USB G500 mouse not working
Okay, so it's not the power management bug, must be something else. I'm assigning this to "OI XNV". Chris Jordan
12:22 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1600 (Feedback): Logitech USB G500 mouse not working
So neither your Logitech G500 nor your cheap Logitech mouse are working reliably? It doesn't quite sound like it, bu... Chris Jordan


03:05 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1606 (New): nwam problem after powerfail (with UPS)...
Thanks. Looking at that messages file it looks like nwam sees the link come back up and tries to unplumb the nge0 in... Chris Jordan

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