Keith Wesolowski's activity

From 2014-10-23 to 2014-11-21


06:09 PM illumos gate Bug #5364 (Closed): grp.h has incorrect prototype for getgrnam_r and getgrgid_r
Marcel Telka correctly points out that getgrnam_r and getgrgid_r have the same problem as described in 5363. We shou... Keith Wesolowski
05:43 PM illumos gate Bug #5363 (Closed): pwd.h has incorrect prototype for getpwnam_r and getpwuid_r
For unknown reasons, the prototypes under _POSIX_PTHREAD_SEMANTICS in pwd.h use int as the fourth argument. POSIX say... Keith Wesolowski


06:38 PM illumos gate Bug #5338 (New): MAC TX should drop if rings are full
This is closely related to 5337. In general, rather than the driver having to handle the link-down case (or in addit... Keith Wesolowski


09:27 PM illumos gate Bug #5012: mpt_sas fails to issue writes >1MB
Furthermore, we are in the third case here, where sgllen limits us. Here's the code in question:... Keith Wesolowski
08:32 PM illumos gate Bug #5012: mpt_sas fails to issue writes >1MB
The problem here appears to be that we cannot allocate DMA buffers for writing that are larger than 1MB. It's unclea... Keith Wesolowski

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