Alex Reece's activity

From 2014-12-31 to 2015-01-29


07:53 PM illumos gate Bug #5571 (Closed): Provide 64-bit python modules
We do not provide a 64 bit version of the solaris.misc python library:... Alex Reece
07:09 PM illumos gate Bug #5570 (New): panic in dmu_objset_userspace_upgrade
<tt>dmu_objset_userspace_upgrade</tt> panics when running under debug bits because the pool is held while a txg is ex... Alex Reece
07:04 PM illumos gate Bug #5569 (New): zfs command does not upgrade userspace automatically
The c zfs command does not properly handle the <tt>userspace</tt> subcommand on old filesystems that can be upgraded.... Alex Reece

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