Michael Kruger's activity

From 2016-08-24 to 2016-09-22


07:24 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #7390 (Resolved): Install system-config-printer for desktop installation types
Noticed there is no longer a GUI print manager available with the MATE desktop.
System-config-printer does not look ...
Michael Kruger


04:40 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #7335 (Resolved): Documentation - update Welcome to OpenIndiana page
When opening the web browser for the first time, the user is greeted with the "Welcome to OpenIndiana" web page which... Michael Kruger


06:16 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #7334 (Rejected): Documentation - GUI installer release notes link, references incorrect Wiki page
The GUI installer welcome page provided a web link to the release notes.
However, this link goes to a page titled "...
Michael Kruger
06:07 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #7333 (New): Documentation - GUI installer references non-existent 'Getting Started with Openindiana' desktop icon
In prior releases, the live media contained a getting started guide accessed from the desktop of the installer media ... Michael Kruger

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