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From 2020-07-20 to 2020-08-18


08:24 AM Graphics/DRM Feature #12395: Update to libdrm >= 2.4.97
Although I have switched to gcc-7 on May 19. Aurélien Larcher
08:23 AM Graphics/DRM Feature #12395: Update to libdrm >= 2.4.97
gh origin wrote:
> Aurélien Larcher wrote:
> > Required by recent Xorg and Mesa.
> > Currently tested with 2.4.99 ...
Aurélien Larcher


11:42 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #12964: Continuously reboot after installing the latest update
Some developers like me had Covid and are still suffering from consequences of the virus after 3 months of illness, o... Aurélien Larcher
11:38 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #13006: Need working Chineese ibus input method
A better option could be to update ibus in oi-userland for everyone's benefit. Aurélien Larcher

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