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From 2021-01-28 to 2021-02-26


10:32 PM illumos gate Bug #13501: smbutil view crashes in ndr_clnt_get_frags()
Testing was done as follows:
1. Configure a server with a *very large* number of shares (the number of which can b...
Matt Barden


07:53 PM illumos gate Bug #13508 (Closed): door_layout() should align the stack to 16 bytes for i386 processes
We recently came across an issue where a door server was crashing with a GP fault when attempting to perform an SSE i... Matt Barden


10:05 PM illumos gate Bug #13501 (Closed): smbutil view crashes in ndr_clnt_get_frags()
In testing 13169 (and re-tested against illumos-gate without that change), I discovered that, when the NDR client att... Matt Barden


12:37 AM illumos gate Bug #13169: CVE-2020-1472 (ZeroLogon) and SMB authentication
Testing Notes:
Install, configure, and run the included libmlrpc-tests.
Connect to a domain-joined server, with bot...
Matt Barden
12:32 AM illumos gate Bug #13442: SMB server should try harder to protect SACLs
Apply the attached patch to samba, build smbtorture, and run "smbtorture -U user%pass //server/share smb2.acls.SACL".... Matt Barden
12:25 AM illumos gate Bug #13441: SMB: Creating named streams on existing files is not quite right
Testing Notes:
Run in a directory on a share on the server under test.
Mount the share from an i...
Matt Barden

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