Electric Monk's activity

From 2021-05-25 to 2021-06-23


10:07 PM illumos gate Bug #13841 (Closed): python tools should not add user's site directory
"git commit 3f770aab815d6900f53f0b0f317aaf74a8f95018": Electric Monk
10:07 PM illumos gate Bug #13891 (Closed): ucodeadm cannot handle latest Intel microcode
"git commit ada023d26fbb04273c643d7c7fade1b24da764fb": Electric Monk
08:40 PM illumos gate Feature #13876 (Closed): tem: we should support CSI 38 and 48 sequences for RGB colors
"git commit fa9eb22261c7b7a35c7a6957acb3c2b26c39e15b": Electric Monk


06:29 PM illumos gate Bug #13888 (Closed): Some #include statements in the manual refer to nonexistent files
"git commit e9a9d42d6b4da41cc01b726a4d919abc09841750": Electric Monk
06:26 PM illumos gate Bug #13883 (Closed): Malformed #include statements in the manual
"git commit c432de9c6e1189ea0aa9b0fe1c35c18427653f27": Electric Monk


07:01 PM illumos gate Bug #13809 (Closed): cpio: variable may be used uninitialized
"git commit 0b9a51588b7231474f7b4009cb9cad83e4db7b74": Electric Monk
06:15 PM illumos gate Bug #13867 (Closed): netstat shows duplicated data for UDP source and dest addresses
"git commit cdfd7f6baf7b308aedaeb7a7f4a89a4dccd9313e": Electric Monk
03:50 PM illumos gate Bug #13811 (Closed): libmtmalloc: 'size_nx' may be used uninitialized
"git commit b5358705b92a175b02aad08cd1c6b83dc69e2ae6": Electric Monk
03:23 PM illumos gate Bug #13865 (Closed): don't pass NV_ENCODE_NATIVE to nvlist_unpack()
"git commit 0d1087e85d1cd423a6cbe5358a51a160350e956e": Electric Monk
03:15 PM illumos gate Bug #13793 (Closed): va_arg(9F): va_arg() returns type, not (type *)
"git commit f1866c4b3066e4e43e7ba9c4cef7fcfaadaddd1f": Electric Monk


08:17 AM illumos gate Bug #13807 (Closed): diff: variable may be used uninitialized
"git commit 247ccfcd15f7f6b949ea71990372f0f9a93058d2": Electric Monk


06:16 PM illumos gate Bug #13418 (Closed): picl: removal of unused dependency recommended
"git commit 1872d23e4f4f89383cc3d7774072ee4bfbb49e91": Electric Monk


08:17 PM illumos gate Bug #13856 (Closed): findunref runs too early
"git commit 26e7d9a88aea4fa6939315466aa8b8b9946409d8": Electric Monk
08:17 PM illumos gate Bug #13855 (Closed): example code in ddi_dmae_req(9S) isn't code
"git commit b7afa311209be3c026130832cda2a5199c7f44e1": Electric Monk
08:17 PM illumos gate Bug #13854 (Closed): manual should say "illumos DDI"
"git commit 3184921aa9155f2314caa4909eba31a0be558b3d": Electric Monk


07:35 AM illumos gate Bug #13872 (Closed): Multiple errors in section 3mpapi of the manual
"git commit ceab728f83b0af9260d2d3fb69014f3781af2101": Electric Monk
07:32 AM illumos gate Bug #13871 (Closed): Missing spaces in several manual pages
"git commit 9514bcf4c37a9b87200462594803414d12cdd29d": Electric Monk


06:24 PM illumos gate Feature #13849 (Closed): June 2021 hwdata update
"git commit ee9169cacd8ffeec83d4db687efa35da6f93d039": Electric Monk


02:25 PM illumos gate Bug #13860 (Closed): bhyve nvme with ramdisk backing store no longer works after 13674
"git commit 76e6cd87e3c5c67bcf83c6a51c5fc85ce41e031a": Electric Monk


07:19 AM illumos gate Bug #13397 (Closed): ls calls time() many more times than necessary
"git commit 6027b8601527b83fd174dc857073dfd37e9a3de8": Electric Monk


08:44 PM illumos gate Bug #13830 (Closed): Manual errors in SEE ALSO section
"git commit 9dd2e6b590a600c51a70c5d4c872d4cdeedc9aab": Electric Monk


10:10 PM illumos gate Bug #13853 (Closed): Some SMB commands missing CTF support
"git commit 6f1fa39e3cf1b335f342bbca41590e9d76ab29b7": Electric Monk
10:10 PM illumos gate Bug #13852 (Closed): smbstat -r dumps core
"git commit 5015ecc336998f9971d6310c6faa7e992f95cc4b": Electric Monk
10:10 PM illumos gate Bug #13851 (Closed): panic in smb_llist_enter() with bad rwlock
"git commit 4b69ad0900e9388c55c1b0e0b522dae0a595b4fa": Electric Monk
10:10 PM illumos gate Bug #13850 (Closed): SMB session logoff stuck in smb_ofile_hold_olbrk
"git commit a9931e68d716928f41c32ca936a443c797116f9c": Electric Monk


10:33 AM illumos gate Feature #13844 (Closed): bhyve VNC server could differentiate VMs
"git commit 37fc8a1f73579421d8ec5a9ffdbfb472c71b6fac": Electric Monk
05:29 AM illumos gate Bug #13845 (Closed): Missing space in route.1m man page
"git commit d4deec11a7fc96ddb725e9375c62444dc9692881": Electric Monk


02:00 AM illumos gate Feature #13783 (Closed): viona should operate page-wise
"git commit 427f9b9a1690e7cccb2abf62f78dba64a69b83e1": Electric Monk
01:54 AM illumos gate Feature #13840 (Closed): bhyve hostbridge should feign PAM0 emulation
"git commit 9e6c6f2f3ab9c8f1f042b97c0432e8ccc9650309": Electric Monk
01:54 AM illumos gate Feature #13835 (Closed): bhyve should not zero lowmem on reboot
"git commit 9e6c6f2f3ab9c8f1f042b97c0432e8ccc9650309": Electric Monk


04:13 AM illumos gate Bug #13740 (Closed): net-routing-setup should support default gateway via link-local routes
"git commit 10c0779de9b4d8c4ebdb274e17730c49bc925f00": Electric Monk
04:13 AM illumos gate Bug #13815 (Closed): Trusted extensions /etc/security/tsol/label_encodings file installed with wrong permissions during gate build
"git commit 05c0ef072824e9e875c8b4ba7db90d3d270fccf7": Electric Monk
04:13 AM illumos gate Bug #13828 (Closed): beadm: Fix wrong array size
"git commit 1a414bb636b35c18399549b05b65aef849e6f9df": Electric Monk
04:13 AM illumos gate Feature #13825 (Closed): consolidate vm-related headers for bhyve
"git commit cf409e3f26ef8db450f46ba9760eb9734f603ae0": Electric Monk


06:20 PM illumos gate Bug #13318 (Closed): Tidy up libdtrace_jni javadoc
"git commit 3a9318192067bc7735a0a8b261c598c7d4129177": Electric Monk


10:13 PM illumos gate Bug #13831 (Closed): lofi: lofi_close() can not tear down lofi instance
"git commit 3984682357d7bf0332a2f7d5406e349229f168e2": Electric Monk
09:37 PM illumos gate Bug #13090 (Closed): junk characters in `zpool online -e` EACCES error message
"git commit 5cf013a3c9d3f3ca3a892f013ac067904135da06": Electric Monk
07:52 PM illumos gate Bug #13836 (Closed): several packages are missing license actions
"git commit 517877177d6b869e3aecde6716479541650da10d": Electric Monk


06:42 PM illumos gate Bug #13730 (Closed): esballoc(9f) could document esballoca/desballoca
"git commit 2ab478d424c9f9ffde3495cfdf6cf2ac286fa2cf": Electric Monk


03:49 PM illumos gate Bug #13814 (Closed): libnisdb: 'nonnull' argument compared to NULL
"git commit 9d8d665c91deb747dc87371e4cc29a54de68fd3f": Electric Monk


08:59 PM illumos gate Feature #13763 (Closed): Want rx-only DLPI promiscuous modes
"git commit 115f9ea8610878d992d097ec5df5c7c244c0bc49": Electric Monk
02:58 PM illumos gate Bug #13829 (Closed): genunix: cast between incompatible function types
"git commit 2576a450861a4a608f6bfabf01759987ff4ad97e": Electric Monk

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