xVM / xen

Added by Joerg Mainzer over 4 years ago


o are there developers who are interested to support an illumos/openindiana xen dom0 ?

I think it's a big loss not having an xVM dom0. I think Solaris Express is a joke, they claim to support a 64bit kernel dom0 but no xm commands are working. (yes I know they will choose OVM) I don't think that it is realistic to have a solaris binary compatibility feature. Larry will not give any bits of code to the community. So fork this project away. Leave Solaris behind.


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RE: xVM / xen - Added by HP Lovecraft over 4 years ago


I've just started working on this. I've been a little busy lately but I'm hoping that I'll be able to spend most of January on it.

RE: xVM / xen - Added by Darko Hojnik about 4 years ago

I am very interested too! ZFS, Crossbow, XEN, Comstar on one Box are like drugs, sex and everlasting holidays on Hawaii. It's a shame for Larry

RE: xVM / xen - Added by Robin Axelsson almost 4 years ago

It would be interesting to find out how to get Xen 4.1 run OpenIndiana as dom0.