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Added by RB Call over 4 years ago

I was just curious if anyone wanted to make a sub forum for OpenIndiana with a focus on the desktop.

Such topics might include basic desktop options and a gathering place for those users who might not need a server focus. I for on am interested in various packages such as vlc, mplayer, ffmpeg, vobcopy. It would be nice to have some native support for activities to fill a file server instead of relying on other distro's for work load completion.

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RE: OpenIndiana sub forums - Added by Aleksandr Levchuk about 4 years ago

-1 It's premature to discuss the integration of upstream packages like vlc, mplayer, ffmpeg, ...

Illumos first of all needs to provide a working ON - the core Operating System and Networking components to Solaris. Currently, no stable or unstable Illumos download exists.

Why do you discuss OpenIndiana topics here and not on

Even though OpenIndiana "[intends to be] more suitable for use on servers" it does welcome desktop use:

RE: OpenIndiana sub forums - Added by mill mr over 3 years ago

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RE: OpenIndiana sub forums - Added by Andrew Symonds about 3 years ago

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