dns queries for network interface name

Added by Petri Kunnari over 4 years ago


just noted when activated bind query log that there is lines :
these queries happend every 5 or 10 seconds

14-Aug-2010 00:46:53.147 queries: info: client <ip of hostname>#38491: query: nge0.<domain> IN A +
14-Aug-2010 00:46:53.148 queries: info: client <ip of hostname>: query: nge0 IN A +
14-Aug-2010 00:46:58.157 queries: info: client <ip of hostname>#61565: query: elxl0.<domain> IN A +
14-Aug-2010 00:46:58.158 queries: info: client <ip of hostname>#63691: query: elxl0 IN A +

I used to have this host ( long upgrade path also hw upgrades ... ) elxl and nge interfaces.
Where these queries are now initiated ???

is there other way to get rid of these other than reinstall ?
system version snv_134


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RE: dns queries for network interface name - Added by Khushil Dep over 4 years ago

i would suspect you could change the loggin directive in the bind config? a quick search took me to http://www.zytrax.com/books/dns/ch7/logging.html.