Powering off OI only works sporadically

Added by An Co over 3 years ago

Hello community!

Some weeks ago, I decided to run a homeserver/NAS based on solaris/OI with the following hardware:

- Case: Chenbro SR20969 with 4 bay backplane and one single 5,25" backplane for 3,5" harddrives
- C2D E8500
- Asus P5Q-E
- an old Nvidia 8400GS
- Enermax 485W PSU
- 4x 2TB and 1x 1TB Samsung HDDs
- Intel Gigabit CT EXPI9301CT NIC

I'm very pleased with OI, above all with 151a. Yet there's one issue which drives me crazy and I can't manage to solve it:

Sometimes the shutdown/poweroff just doesn't work (it doesn't matter if I invoke it via napp-it, init 5, shutdown -y -g0 -i5 or Gnome). The system shuts down, but the lights keep flickering, the harddisks keep running and the fans keep spinning. This is what the log (/var/adm/messages) says:

Oct 12 23:13:09 openindiana syslogd: going down on signal 15
Oct 12 23:13:11 openindiana rpcbind: [ID 564983 daemon.error] rpcbind terminating on signal.
Oct 12 23:13:21 openindiana napp-it-mhttpd855: [ID 915600 daemon.notice] exiting due to signal 15
Oct 12 23:13:29 openindiana genunix: [ID 672855 kern.notice] syncing file systems...
Oct 12 23:13:30 openindiana genunix: [ID 904073 kern.notice] done

At this point the system either stays there forever or it powers off immediately. Fifty-fifty chance. I don't think it's related to napp-it, since a freshly installed system behaves the same way.

After looooots of crawling through the web, here's what I've already tried:

- In /usr/lib/hal/sunos/hal-system-power-shutdown-sunos, I added /usr/sbin/psradm f 0 1 before the init 5 command.
I deactivated the onboard Realtek HDAudio chip, which is useless on a headless server anyway. Furthermore, I removed the drive (rem_drv audiohd).

Those two measures seem to lead to the current situation, beeing able to poweroff sometimes, but not always.

Does anybody know the problem? Is there any solution? If there's a logfile which is more verbose, I'd be glad about some hints where to look for. If can provide any other information that could be helpful, let me know.

Kind regards from Germany,


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RE: Powering off OI only works sporadically - Added by An Co over 3 years ago

An Co wrote:

- In /usr/lib/hal/sunos/hal-system-power-shutdown-sunos, I added /usr/sbin/psradm -f 0 1 before the init 5 command.

Sorry, this part wasn't meant to be struck out. I missed the code tags and there's no edit button. :S

RE: Powering off OI only works sporadically - Added by An Co over 3 years ago


Could it be related to SMB connections? I read several conversations that under certain circumstances, OI (or OSOL/S11E) won't poweroff properly, if e.g. an user is still accessing a SMB share. Is there any way to examine this? I really do not know what to do next. :(

RE: Powering off OI only works sporadically - Added by An Co over 3 years ago

Nice support, guys! Awesome!

RE: Powering off OI only works sporadically - Added by Nikola M. over 3 years ago

You can found that thare is busy mailing list for Openindiana
(OI is distribution based on Illumos) that is sort of main place for large audience response:
www.openindiana.org , http://openindiana.org/support/
(unitl separate support mailing list is made).

In meantime, if related to illumos, you can post a bug report or for OI also OI bug report.