The Illumos Pkgsrc Project need your help

Added by Mads Worsøe Duun about 7 years ago

Hi everybody

The Illumos Pkgsrc Project would like to invite everybody to make this project a success. It doesn't matter if your are hacker or just a normal user, any help would be appreciated. But give a call, and we find something you can do.

Mads Worsøe Duun

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RE: The Illumos Pkgsrc Project need your help - Added by Marcel Luternauer almost 7 years ago

I am working since 12 years as a UNIX System Administrator. I know Solaris for about 10 years now. I have knowledge in Shell Scripting, PERL, C Java, DTrace, Solaris Zones, RBAC and Veritas products like VXvM and Veritas Cluster and network knowledge as well. I am interested in Illumos, because I love the Solaris OS. It's a shame, that Oracle dropped OpenSolaris. May be I can contribute to Illumos. Let me know, what kind of work you have around.
What is the average amount of work I have to expect to do in a week? I am working 100% and therefore it is not always possible to contribute.
My Nickname on Illumos is saggitarius (just registered).


RE: The Illumos Pkgsrc Project need your help - Added by Mads Worsøe Duun almost 7 years ago

Hi Marcel

This is a sub project to Illumos called The Illumos pkgsrc project. Its about making NetBSD's portable packages build framework (pkgsrc) work/working better on Illumos/Openindiana. The project is not official supported by, Illumos, but I've just registered it as a sub project on the Illumos page (look for more details here

We could certainly need some help, especially when it comes to writing patches for packages that won't build or not working probably on Illumos/Openindiana. Probably also some other things, but we are currently waiting for a build zone at

I've made a script that can bootstrap pkgsrc, but the one on the project page, is a old development version. I've got a new version that probably go into a final release. I won't release this version yet, because it needs a final touch. Note that the new version will be incompatible with the old development version, because of some changes in the bootstrap infrastructure.

Mads Worsøe Duun
The Illumos Pkgsrc Project