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8108illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalzdb -l fails to read labels 2 and 3Yuri Pankov2017-04-25 07:26 PM

8107illumos gateBugNewNormalBad trap in "genunix" due to NULL pointer dereference on RAIDZ2017-04-25 05:03 PM

8106illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalauthloopback_marshal() should do betterMarcel Telka2017-04-25 02:55 PM

8105illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormallibnsl(3nsl): NGRPS_LOOPBACK should be increasedMarcel Telka2017-04-25 12:47 PM

8104OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalXorg crash on svcadm disable lightdm / svcadm enable lightdm when second monitor is attached2017-04-25 10:47 AM

8103Graphics/DRMBugNewNormalCrash on boot with two monitors (Xorg 1.14)2017-04-25 10:42 AM

8102illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalzfs-tests suite fails zfs_acl_chmod_xattr_001_posYuri Pankov2017-04-24 09:54 PM

8100illumos gateBugNewNormal8021 seems to cause random BAD TRAP: type=d (#gp General protection)2017-04-25 04:54 PM

8099illumos gateFeatureNewNormalloader: do not build complex commandline for mb2 kernelToomas Soome2017-04-23 04:09 PM

8098illumos gateBugPending RTILowSome xdr_simple(3nsl) and xdr_complex(3nsl) functions can succeed for undefined xdrs->x_op valuesMarcel Telka2017-04-25 11:33 AM

8097illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBetter patch for callers of notify_notification_new()Gary Mills2017-04-22 10:28 PM

8095illumos gateBugNewNormalin.ripngd(1M) should mention NORTEXCH2017-04-22 05:18 PM

8093illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalloader.efi: cleanup loader main and implement comconsoleToomas Soome2017-04-22 09:55 AM

8092illumos gateFeatureNewNormalloader.efi: set console mode early in efi_main()Toomas Soome2017-04-22 09:46 AM

8091illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalgptzfboot: status does print duplicate header line2017-04-22 03:18 PM

8089illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalRPC: RQCRED_SIZE is not a public interfaceMarcel Telka2017-04-24 03:41 PM

8086illumos gateBugNewNormaldd Stride parameter to ddPrakash Surya2017-04-20 08:45 PM

8084illumos gateBugNewNormalfseek/fwrite behavior is unexpected2017-04-19 10:23 AM

8083illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalsar(1) should print a timestamp in each output line when reporting disk statsOlaf Bohlen2017-04-19 06:51 AM

8082illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormallast(1) should be able to print years in outputOlaf Bohlen2017-04-19 06:37 AM

8081illumos gateBugNewNormalCompiler warnings in zdbAlan Somers2017-04-17 09:41 PM

8080OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalclang 3.8: local symbol referencing issueOI Userland2017-04-17 06:09 PM

8078illumos gateBugNewNormalClean up mandoc lintPeter Tribble2017-04-16 08:10 PM

8077illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalzfs-tests suite fails zpool_get_002_posYuri Pankov2017-04-16 09:31 AM

8076illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalzfs-tests suite fails rootpool_002_negYuri Pankov2017-04-16 09:19 AM

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