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After 9894 it is now impossible to set PYTHON_VERSION from your environment file without breaking the build of the python3 modules, which attempt to redefine PYTHON_VERSION to PYTHON3_VERSION.

Related issues

Related to illumos gate - Feature #9894: Deliver python3 modules Closed 2018-10-13


#1 Updated by Andy Fiddaman 2 months ago

#2 Updated by Andy Fiddaman 2 months ago

Review at: https://illumos.org/rb/r/1318/

Testing notes:

Built with and without PYTHON_VERSION set in .env
wsdiff against gate build shows no relevant differences.

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git commit d81547170496f442be8d1f2761ffcd2781f726b2

commit  d81547170496f442be8d1f2761ffcd2781f726b2
Author: Andy Fiddaman <omnios@citrus-it.co.uk>
Date:   2018-12-18T16:29:24.000Z

    10056 9894 broke PYTHON_VERSION
    Reviewed by: Dan McDonald <danmcd@joyent.com>
    Reviewed by: Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com>
    Approved by: Richard Lowe <richlowe@richlowe.net>

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