Bug #10213

Typos in libproc(3lib)

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Upstream of Joyent OS-7461:

There are a few minor typos in libproc(3lib). For example:

           DV PS_UNDEAD  A zombie process.  It has terminated, but it has not
                         been cleaned up yet by its parent.  For more on the
                         conditions of becoming a zombie, see exec(2).

           DV_PS_DEAD    Processes in this state are always core files.  See
                         the earlier section Core Files for more information
                         on working with core files.

The DV should be Dv (and the extraneous '_') should be removed. There are a few other minor issues (.Sy vs .Vt for types, etc.).


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commit  7dfe7b8b0a48ab1f37ab9fc3a51e338320621c21
Author: Jason King <jason.king@joyent.com>
Date:   2019-01-11T17:52:24.000Z

    10213 Typos in libproc(3lib)
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