Bug #10215

lofiadm -la fails after lofiadm -a / lofiadm -d

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The following test case fails:

# test=`lofiadm -a $(mktemp)`; lofiadm -d $test; test=`lofiadm -la $(mktemp)`; 
lofiadm: /dev/lofi/1p0 was not created: No such file or directory

The labeled lofi device names are allocated (created) in devfsadm framework and announced via sysevent mechanism and cached in kernel. The lofi will wait for the name updates if the cache has no entry yet, but when the unmap is performed, the cache flush can be delayed too. Therefore the cache flush must be initiated while we are performing unmap operation.

The fix is tested by running the line above, also by running just lofiadm -a/lofiadm -d.


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Alexander Pyhalov wrote:

The following test case fails:

I did figure out what does happen:

we have device name cache, this cache is updated (add/delete) based on sysevent messages because the device names are created by devfsadmd, and the lofi driver does read the names from this cache.

We do have wait loop for case the name is not yet there, because the sysevent add name messages will take time to arrive, but also the name delete messages will take the time... so the driver will get the old name.

The fix is that we need to initiate the name removal from lofi driver (on lofiadm -d).

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Author: Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com>
Date:   2019-01-17T15:47:59.000Z

    10215 lofiadm -la fails after lofiadm -a / lofiadm -d
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