Bug #1039

/usr/lib/smbsrv/smbd prevents suspend

Added by Gordon Ross about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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From this discussion:

One gets this error when trying to suspend:

May 15 05:05:25 fileserv genunix: [ID 535284 kern.notice] System is being
May 15 05:05:55 fileserv genunix: [ID 520228 kern.warning] WARNING: Suspend
cannot stop process /usr/lib/smbsrv/smbd start (ffffff026f8e00c0:1).
May 15 05:05:55 fileserv genunix: [ID 903701 kern.warning] WARNING: Process
may be waiting for network request, please try again.
May 15 05:05:57 fileserv genunix: [ID 583038 kern.notice] System has been

This is a known bug from Solaris 11 Express that was fixed in build 156.
It's pretty easy to get around this temporarily by disabling smb


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The problem is that the smb_server_spooldoc thread is blocked in
cv_wait and cannot be killed. (This also interferes with suspend.)

Change it to use cv_wait_sig and return EINTR.
Also EAGAIN for possible false wakeups.


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1039 /usr/lib/smbsrv/smbd prevents suspend
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