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Bring back lx brand

Added by Albert Lee over 13 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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With the the putback of 6959264 EOF lx brand (commit:4c5722bc28dc) implementing PSARC/2010/169, support for the lx brand was dropped from OpenSolaris.

Linux ABI compatibility, while incomplete, was a highly useful feature for providing access to specific applications, for development, and of course, as a migration aid.

The branded zones framework still remains, and reviving the brand does not require extensive code changes outside of the modular portion and should have limited impact for non-BrandZ users.

Actions #1

Updated by Albert Lee about 12 years ago

  • Difficulty set to Medium
  • Tags set to needs-triage

For reference, is a reversal of the backout, with correct copyright attribution (copyright notice updates are preserved). This can be used as a starting point for work.

Actions #2

Updated by Albert Lee about 12 years ago

  • Category set to zones
  • Difficulty changed from Medium to Hard
Actions #3

Updated by Jim Klimov almost 12 years ago

As recently pointed on the mailing list, there is a blog with diff-files and explanation of these updates which return support to oi151a (rev f342d051b376); it may likely be compatible with more modern revisions:

Actions #4

Updated by Garrett D'Amore over 10 years ago

The availability of kvm (thanks Joyent!) makes this feature pretty much entirely pointless. I see no real value in pursuing it, nor do I think it will occur. Perhaps we should flag this one "Rejected" -- as in there is approximately zero chance that we'll ever integrate this work.

Actions #5

Updated by Garrett D'Amore over 10 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Rejected

Rejecting it. If someone objects, lets talk about it.

Actions #6

Updated by Jim Klimov over 8 years ago

Will the "rejected" status be revised, now that there is some work over the past year being done by SmartOS folks and by David Mackay - and hopefully some of that can get RTI'd sooner or later?

In particular, I gather KVM support is of little help when e.g. the illumos-based OS itself is a VM, as in my use-case of a development laptop being a corporate workhorse which must have Windows as the bare-metal system in order to have certificate-protected Ethernet (oh, and it can also see the USB3 ports and pass them to the OI VirtualBox guest).

Actions #7

Updated by Albert Lee over 8 years ago

  • Status changed from Rejected to New

I think so.

Actions #8

Updated by Aurélien Larcher about 8 years ago

This is definitely of interest, people keep asking me about the availability of lx brand on OpenIndiana.
Integration in illumos would be a plus.

Actions #9

Updated by Nikola M. about 8 years ago

Openindiana also have kvm working that alp recently updated for OI /hipster.
Bringing lx brand from SmartOS to OI can also be project like that.
If people keep asking, they might as well make it so if there is a project for it.

Actions #11

Updated by Aurélien Larcher about 8 years ago

Oh, I knew that Dan was working on it but not that he had a webrev in place.

Actions #12

Updated by Andreas Grüninger about 7 years ago

danmcd published in how to integrate LX zones from illumos-joyent into OmniOS. Maybe this helps to get the integration into illumos.

Actions #13

Updated by Daniel Chan almost 4 years ago

As Lx zone was a Microsystems stuff, I wish it can be integrated into illumos gate. May I know if the team will still consider this?

Actions #14

Updated by Joshua M. Clulow almost 4 years ago

If someone wants to write up a plan (probably as an IPD ) then we'll certainly consider it! I think the primary thing that keeps it out of illumos-gate is that is a lot of changes and somebody will have to collect them, get at least some of them additionally reviewed, test it all, etc. The bhyve hypervisor was recently brought upstream from illumos-joyent (where much of the LX work was done also), so if you're curious about the sort of planning I mean, you could have a read through IPD 15 bhyve integration/upstream


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