Bug #10524

wsdiff much slower after move from deprecated commands module

Added by Andy Fiddaman almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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wsdiff was modified under #9979 so that it could be run under wither Python2 or Python3. Part of this work was to replace code that used the deprecated commands module with the newer subprocess module. This change has inadvertently caused a performance regression.

Here are some timings for running wsdiff against usr/bin with both python2 and python3:

python2 =wsdiff proto/root_i386{,-nd}/usr/bin  467.68s user 238.26s system 281% cpu 4:10.37 total
python2 =wsdiff proto/root_i386{,-nd}/usr/bin  463.40s user 236.09s system 280% cpu 4:09.71 total
python3 =wsdiff proto/root_i386{,-nd}/usr/bin  27.50s user 129.93s system 109% cpu 2:23.35 total
python3 =wsdiff proto/root_i386{,-nd}/usr/bin  27.73s user 129.84s system 110% cpu 2:22.86 total

And with python2 using the version before #9979

wsdiff proto/root_i386{,-nd}/usr/bin  11.84s user 11.74s system 69% cpu 33.974 total

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Updated by Andy Fiddaman almost 2 years ago

  • Related to Feature #9979: Support python3 for in-gate tools added

Updated by Andy Fiddaman almost 2 years ago

Proposed patch at:

Testing notes:

With the patch, python2 wsdiff is much faster (back to previous speed), python3 remains slower.

python2 =wsdiff proto/root_i386{,-nd}/usr/bin  9.22s user 20.69s system 111% cpu 26.866 total
python3 =wsdiff proto/root_i386{,-nd}/usr/bin  31.24s user 101.09s system 110% cpu 2:00.04 total

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git commit 2f7dba3e6747cbaaf1deb86e6ca1e2a5c96332ac

commit  2f7dba3e6747cbaaf1deb86e6ca1e2a5c96332ac
Author: Andy Fiddaman <>
Date:   2019-03-14T20:01:47.000Z

    10524 wsdiff much slower after move from deprecated commands module
    10448 wsdiff explodes on encoding error
    10525 wsdiff output is not correct for a binary file
    10526 wsdiff tries to spawn 4.8 threads
    Reviewed by: Gergő Mihály Doma <>
    Reviewed by: Sebastian Wiedenroth <>
    Approved by: Rich Lowe <>

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