Bug #1065

Disk IO deadlocks UI

Added by Tim Sarbin over 9 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

Desktop (JDS)
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For some reason, after heavy disk i/o the OpenIndiana desktop UI becomes laggy. A number of times the entire desktop UI will become completely unresponsive, though no actual disk IO is taking place (the lights do not flicker at all). The only seems to happen during or just after a large compile, and is triggered by doing anything that requires additional disk I/O such as opening the home folder from the places menu, or scrolling in gedit. Happens on a very regular basis.


Updated by Ryo Murakawa over 9 years ago

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Updated by Ryo Murakawa over 9 years ago

I can't duplicate this symptom. So could you update the output " /usr/sbin/prtconf -v" and the system information you have been using?


Updated by Ryo Murakawa over 9 years ago

Today I installed oi-151 on my ThinkPad x100e with MV-40 AMD CPU. When I use packagemanager GUI to install something, UI was locked by Disk I/O. But this symptom is never happened after rebooting the system.
So this is related to the system resource, I think.


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Verified as resolved with heavy compiles done with oi_151/oi_151a.


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May require further review.


Updated by Ken Mays over 7 years ago

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I tested this for over a year (!) and OI is reliable compared to Solaris 11.x installs doing the same 'production-grade' work procedures, 2D/3D graphic display testing, video editing, and hourly compiles using "make j -16|32" on specific SMP hardware. Closing ticket, based on other tester's review as well. Please use oi_151a7 or /hipster for current bug reports.

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