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keep GDM on OpenIndiana for SunRay Serversoftware

Added by Carsten Grzemba over 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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SunRay SS is still working with Openindiana but not on lightdm

It is possible to deliver both DisplayManagers, so we can deliver lightdm on default and gdm for SunRay Users.

Needed changes for OI distribution:

revert git commits cf51ca4f8, 3490e97bf

so that still build and packaged:
- libgweather
- gnome-session
- gnome-panel
- gnome-menus
- metacity
- gdm
- libgnomekbd
- gnome-settings-daemon

xscreensaver is needed in 32bit because of 32bit PAM modules for SUNRay

Features which tested
- multihead
- multimonitor on SUNRay 3+
- audio with pulseaudio
- USB stick
- usage ISC DHCP

Desktop applications: atril, libreoffice, librecad, keepassx, gimp, gthumb, pluma ,firefox, thunderbird, ...

Firefox speedups if anoying image fading reduced
full-screen-api.transition-duration.timeout = 0

Actions #1

Updated by Michal Nowak about 3 years ago

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That's great that OpenIndiana can be made to work with SunRays.

However, we can't provide legacy packages which conflict with our current desktop environment, packages which themselves either needed to be updated to the latest GNOME 3 versions (bringing a lot of dependencies, requiring a lot of work), or bringing long unsupported GNOME 2 packages.

We try to achieve modern UNIX distribution with the latest desktop applications and bringing those legacy applications forward goes against this goal.

I suggest your create your own SFE-like repo with packages SunRays need. Such a repo can be then linked from our documentation.

Actions #2

Updated by Hubert Garavel about 3 years ago

SunRays were cool, but they have been primarily killed by Oracle, not by OpenIndiana.

At our lab, we tried to save our SunRays but we eventually gave up and replaced them
by Dell Wyse Linux thin clients, which are not too expensive and work well with the latest
OpenIndiana and lightdm.

The only cool SunRay feature missing with Dell Wyse is the smart card reader, but one
can live without it.

Actions #3

Updated by Michal Nowak about 3 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed

Closing this as I believe I explained, why we won't change course in OpenIndiana.


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