Bug #1131

Feedback-alias: driver-utility-feedback@sun.com

Added by Michael Widmann almost 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

Status:New Start date:2011-06-20
Priority:Low Due date:
Assignee:OI Caiman % Done:


Category:Caiman (Installer)
Target version:oi_151_stable
Difficulty: Tags:needs-triage


The Device Driver Utility does have the old Mail Adress / in the Feedback "Button" shown.

If you open during Install -> you see that ...


Updated by Jon Strabala over 2 years ago

Refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenIndiana#Community_concerns - it would be very nice if the DDU would E-mail both a) kernel dev group (illumos) and b) also the distro dev group (openindina, stormos, smartos, nexenta) about successful installs or partially successful install by end users.

This would allow the slow creation of a comprehensive central HCL, something that is sorely lacking in the illumos food chain.

Is the reason why this E-mail/reporting address never changes due to "closed bits" ? I cite the wiki page above:

The lack of a comprehensive centralized HCL might be an artifact due to the fact that the Device Driver Utility is part of the OpenSolaris binary distribution and utilizes old Sun Microsystems email address now under Oracle control

Updated by Jon Strabala over 2 years ago


It seems like line 846 of /usr/ddu/ddu.py and /usr/ddu/utils/submit.py lines 79, 81, 229, 231, 288, and 320 of would need to be updated and a corresponding server side CGI's utility (at an alternate location say somthign like illumos.org/cgi-bin/parseHCLTool.cgi ) would have to be created to receive the data.

The question I have is it legal to alter CDDL files as both have "CDDL HEADER START" etc. text ?

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