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.hgignore file in Github mirror should be renamed

Added by Andrew Stormont over 11 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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The Github mirror of Illumos contains a .hgignore file which should be renamed to .gitignore for git.

Actions #1

Updated by Rich Lowe over 11 years ago

The git mirror is a true mirror, it needs to stay that way (it's important to how it is produced).

If we're going to actually have a .gitignore it needs to be added to the source tree itself.

Rather than a blanket ignore (as mercurial needs), or a large, hard to maintain list (as is probably correct) I recommend (and use) this:

    showUntrackedFiles = no

in my ~/.gitconfig (may require newer git than 1.5), which has the effect of giving me peace when I want it, but violently long lists of glaring red text when I don't.

Actions #2

Updated by Alexey Zaytsev over 11 years ago

If Garrett would agree to take a .gitignore, we could start working on it.
I'm also using showUntrackedFiles = no, but this leads to forgetting to add new files to commits.

Actions #3

Updated by Rich Lowe over 11 years ago

The problem with a .gitignore is maintaining the damn thing. One similar to that used by Joyent is probably a great start ( but an actual thorough list is very very large (I've done this before, for mercurial, to test the tradeoffs. I think it was above 50,000 patterns).

Actions #4

Updated by Andrew Stormont over 11 years ago

I'm not sure maintaining the .gitignore file would make any difference to maintainability since it shares the same format as the .hgignore file that is already being maintained. I've renamed the file in my local clone and it works fine.

Actions #5

Updated by Rich Lowe over 11 years ago

Right, but it's also a blanket ignore of the whole tree. Which we only did for Mercurial because of the grave performance implications of the alternatives (with the way mercurial implements ignore). With mercurial, you can also specifically request that 'hg status' show ignored files. As best I've yet found, you can't do that with git, if we ignore everything there's no way to get it shown in status (and, if I recall correctly, it also means having to force any addition).


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