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Migrate off Mailman

Added by Bryan Horstmann-Allen about 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Mailman dropping signed content and who knows what else. It's a pain to administer. It's weird and gross and it smells kind of like cheese no one but your weird aunt likes but she insists people try it.

So we have three options:

1 Roll our own listserv again
2 Move to Google Groups
3 Get a comp'd account

1 is viable, but figuring out which one is going to come down to a shootout preference. It will also fall to the operations staff to manage it, and we aren't inclined to do so unless absolutely necessary.

2 Google Groups sucks. Discuss.

3 This is my preference. Garrett has signed off on it. richlowe doesn't care as long as it works. I worked there for years, and you might say I'm part of the family. The lead dev owns most of the mail modules on the CPAN, and I'm intimately familiar with the platform. I can own the availability without investing a lot of time (which is at a premium).




Updated by Joshua M. Clulow about 9 years ago

So, we used mailman at the University I worked at (until very recently) and I thought it was pretty good. Mail seemed to go through reliably, it handled large lists, etc.

I don't, however, want to manage our own mailman if, as you say, we can avoid it. If we can get listbox and it works (delivers mail, provides useful public archives) then I'm on board!


Updated by Rich Lowe about 9 years ago

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Y'all fixed this, no?


Updated by Richard PALO almost 9 years ago

Since the lists moved to 'Listbox' the archives are seemingly hard to reach (delays or perhaps their server is overloaded).

The interface is also quite ugly and displays only about 1/3 of the number of lines that the pipermail interface did. FWIW the "gmane" interface is far far better...


Updated by Bryan Horstmann-Allen almost 9 years ago

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Adding HTTP checks to both archive list and message load for trending.


Updated by Bryan Horstmann-Allen almost 9 years ago

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I'm not seeing anything pathological here.

Everything loads in 1-2 seconds, typically. There are outliers (3s from the Ashburn agent, which is sort of weird, simply given physical and logical locality).

Closing this.


Updated by Richard PALO over 8 years ago

Listbox, in my opinion sucks. I tried for 48 hours, tried to set the list to NOT send email because, in absence of a "forum" interface, I prefer the gmane interface in Thunderbird.

But settings are blatantly ignored... and they (the LISTBOX administrators) apparently ignore the email sent from the user interface as I have not received a reply yet. (or it, too, is as broke as the rest seems)

Read only is not very effective. The older mailman interface at least had ''nomail' mode to avoid this pollution.

There MUST be a better solution.


Updated by Richard PALO over 8 years ago

Well, after retrying recently, listbox seems to now honour the "web" only interface in a persistent manner, so this gripe has gone away.

developer, announce & discuss
now seem to function great in Thunderbird via the GMANE mail/newsgroup gateway and don't overload my mailbox.

Unfortunately, a number of the illumos lists are not subscribed to GMANE, which is too bad (same for SmartOS).

Perhaps one of the administrators could go to
to add those that are missing (at least networking and userland) for those, like myself, prefer a newsreader interface (and since the fora seem to have died out).

Thanks in advance,

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