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Want modern Intel IMC driver

Added by Robert Mustacchi almost 5 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

driver - device drivers
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With subsequent generations of hardware, Intel has new PCI IDs and different aspects to the memory controller. It'd be good if we could support those for the following hardware generations that are in the fleet:

  • Sandy Bridge
  • Haswell
  • Skylake

Note that Ivy Bridge / Broadwell have minor changes from their main processors and should be rather small changes to support.

We should probably have a generic Intel IMC driver that can change based on the generation rather than having to write one from scratch per generation. But whether or not that will make sense will ultimately depend on the details of each generation and how much duplication there is.

To test this, I've booted this on a variety of platforms, making sure to cover one of each of the different generations of hardware. Specifically this means:

  • Sandy Bridge EP
  • Ivy Bridge EP
  • Haswell EP
  • Broadwell EP
  • Skylake Gold
  • Cascade Lake Gold/Platinum

For each of the above platforms, I made sure of the following:

  • That we successfully attached the imc driver and found all of the stubs
  • That we successfully had DIMM topology information in fmtopo that mirrored what physically existed
  • That we could manually use the mcdecode utility on supported configurations
  • That we could dump the memory controller information to a file and then use mcdecode to decode it on another platform

Unfortunately, it is very hard to exercise the MCE path for these changes so the decoding ioctl is the best that I could do.

I further tested this by the full suite of decoding unit tests. These were ran as part of both the os_tests test suite which all passed and on their own. These provide pretty good coverage of the actual decoding parts (assuming one is reading the data correctly from hardware).

Finally, I also tested these changes on a few platforms where these wouldn't come up at all. This includes the following:

  • Haswell 1s
  • AMD EPYC 2s
  • Intel Kaby Lake NUC
  • Intel Coffee Lake platform

On all of them, the older SMBIOS based method for DIMMs still came through and everything else seemed to boot and at least pass a sanity check. The imcstub driver was not attached anywhere.


prtconf-dD-before.txt (4.04 KB) prtconf-dD-before.txt Denis Kozadaev, 2019-09-09 06:21 PM
prtconf-dD-after.txt (4.8 KB) prtconf-dD-after.txt Denis Kozadaev, 2019-09-09 06:21 PM
prtconf-v.txt.bz2 (11.5 KB) prtconf-v.txt.bz2 Denis Kozadaev, 2019-09-10 09:15 AM

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Related to illumos gate - Feature #12444: Intel v1 chip topo needs rank informationClosedRobert Mustacchi

Actions #1

Updated by Denis Kozadaev almost 5 years ago

libtopo does not work on my lenovo laptop after this changes
debug and non-debug builds

prtdiag, diskinfo, fmtopo: they all crash with the same errors:

root@lenovo:~# svcs fmd
STATE          STIME    FMRI
maintenance    16:17:12 svc:/system/fmd:default

root@lenovo:~# prtdiag 
System Configuration: LENOVO INVALID
BIOS Configuration: LENOVO 39CN16WW        07/29/2010
Assertion failed: comma != NULL, file ../../common/pcibus/did_props.c, line 421, function dev_for_hostbridge

if I build the system without this changes, this tools work:

root@lenovo:~# svcs fmd
STATE          STIME    FMRI
online         16:28:53 svc:/system/fmd:default

root@lenovo:~# prtdiag 
System Configuration: LENOVO INVALID
BIOS Configuration: LENOVO 39CN16WW        07/29/2010

==== Processor Sockets ====================================

Version                          Location Tag
-------------------------------- --------------------------
Genuine Intel(R) CPU             CPU 1

==== Memory Device Sockets ================================

Type        Status Set Device Locator      Bank Locator
----------- ------ --- ------------------- ----------------
DDR3        in use 1   M1                  Bank 0
DDR3        in use 1   M2                  Bank 1
DDR3        empty  1   M3                  Bank 2
DDR3        empty  1   M4                  Bank 3

==== On-Board Devices =====================================

==== Upgradeable Slots ====================================

ID  Status    Type             Description
--- --------- ---------------- ----------------------------
6   available PCI Express x16  PEG Slot J5C1 for *Field processor
6   available PCI Express x16  PEG Slot J5C1 for *dale processor
7   in use    PCI Express x1   PCI Express Slot J6C2, Qualcomm Atheros AR8131 Gigabit Ethernet (atge)
8   in use    PCI Express x1   PCI Express Slot J6D2, Broadcom Limited BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter (<unknown>)
9   available PCI Express x1   PCI Express Slot J7C1
9   available PCI Express x1   PCI Express Slot J7D2
11  available PCI Express x1   PCI Express Slot J6C1
12  available PCI Express x16  PCI Express Slot J8C2

Actions #2

Updated by Denis Kozadaev almost 5 years ago

the hardware is: intel core-i3
Manufacturer: LENOVO
Version: Lenovo B560

Actions #3

Updated by Robert Mustacchi almost 5 years ago

I believe the issue is related to 11612, not this. What'll be useful is to understand what PCI devices weren't being correctly enumerated before this and now are.

Actions #4

Updated by Denis Kozadaev almost 5 years ago


[1]> pci_bios_maxbus/D
[3]> 0::rdpcicfg 0xff 0t19 0


[1] pci_bios_maxbus/D
[3]> 0::rdpcicfg 0xff 0t19 0

Actions #5

Updated by Denis Kozadaev almost 5 years ago

the core files are too big (compressed version is bigger than 4MB)
I placed prtdiag.core and diskinfo.core here:

and compressed version:

root@lenovo:~# mdb prtdiag.core
Loading modules: [ ]
> $C
fffffc7fffdfea10 0xfffffc7fef21c249()
fffffc7fffdfea60`dev_for_hostbridge+0xef(5d0280, 581a88)
fffffc7fffdfeaf0`DEVprop_set+0x13b(65ddd0, 65de70, 0, fffffc7feb91c9da, fffffc7feb91c813)
fffffc7fffdfeb70`did_props_set+0x84(65ddd0, 65de70, fffffc7feb92dc60, 7)
fffffc7fffdfebd0`pcihostbridge_declare+0x87(5d0280, 57e3e0, 5a1a08, 2)
fffffc7fffdfec40`hb_process+0x69(5d0280, 57e3e0, 2, 5a1a08)
fffffc7fffdfeca0`pci_hostbridges_find+0x6c(5d0280, 57e3e0)
fffffc7fffdfece0`platform_hb_enum+0x13(5d0280, 57e3e0, 5cb7e0, 0, fe)
fffffc7fffdfed60`hb_enum+0x90(5d0280, 57e3e0, 5cb7e0, 0, fe, 0)
fffffc7fffdfedf0`topo_mod_enumerate+0xc8(5d0280, 57e3e0, 466260, 5cb7e0, 0, fe)
fffffc7fffdfee40`enum_run+0x94(57e480, 656f60)
fffffc7fffdfeeb0`topo_xml_range_process+0x103(57e480, 468340, 656f60)
fffffc7fffdfef30`tf_rdata_new+0x118(57e480, 586e60, 468340, 57e3e0)
fffffc7fffdfefc0`topo_xml_walk+0x10d(57e480, 586e60, 466f60, 57e3e0)
fffffc7fffdff050`dependent_create+0x15c(57e480, 586e60, 586bc0, 466f60, 57e3e0)
fffffc7fffdff0d0`dependents_create+0x86(57e480, 586e60, 586bc0, 4611d0, 57e3e0)
fffffc7fffdff1f0`pad_process+0x9a(57e480, 589f60, 4611d0, 57e3e0, 589fa8)
fffffc7fffdff260`topo_xml_range_process+0x25b(57e480, 4611d0, 589f60)
fffffc7fffdff2e0`tf_rdata_new+0x118(57e480, 586e60, 4611d0, 57e520)
fffffc7fffdff370`topo_xml_walk+0x10d(57e480, 586e60, 45ba60, 57e520)
fffffc7fffdff3c0`topo_xml_enum+0x5f(57e480, 586e60, 57e520)
fffffc7fffdff540`topo_file_load+0xe6(57e480, 57e520, fffffc7fec571de7, fffffc7fec571dc1, 0)
fffffc7fffdff570`topo_mod_enummap+0x10(57e480, 57e520, fffffc7fec571de7, fffffc7fec571dc1)
fffffc7fffdff5b0`x86pi_enum_start+0x1f2(57e480, fffffc7fffdff5c0)
fffffc7fffdff630`x86pi_enum+0x6f(57e480, 57e520, 581e90, 0, 0, 0)
fffffc7fffdff6c0`topo_mod_enumerate+0xc8(57e480, 57e520, 417850, 581e90, 0, 0)
fffffc7fffdff710`enum_run+0x94(57e5c0, 5780f0)
fffffc7fffdff780`topo_xml_range_process+0x103(57e5c0, 58eeb0, 5780f0)
fffffc7fffdff800`tf_rdata_new+0x118(57e5c0, 586ee0, 58eeb0, 57e520)
fffffc7fffdff890`topo_xml_walk+0x10d(57e5c0, 586ee0, 58eae0, 57e520)
fffffc7fffdff8e0`topo_xml_enum+0x5f(57e5c0, 586ee0, 57e520)
fffffc7fffdffa60`topo_file_load+0xe6(57e5c0, 57e520, 44afb8, 581ea0, 0)
fffffc7fffdffa90`topo_tree_enum+0x84(446f00, 56d300)
fffffc7fffdffb30`topo_snap_create+0xb2(446f00, fffffc7fffdffb9c, 0)
fffffc7fffdffb80`topo_snap_hold+0xba(446f00, 0, fffffc7fffdffb9c)
fffffc7fffdffcb0 do_prominfo+0x18d(0, fffffc7fffdfff18, 0, 1)
fffffc7fffdffd00 main+0xde(1, fffffc7fffdffd58)
fffffc7fffdffd30 _start_crt+0x83()
fffffc7fffdffd40 _start+0x18()
root@lenovo:~# mdb diskinfo.core 
Loading modules: [ ]
> $C
fffffc7fffdfe5f0 0xfffffc7fef21c249()
fffffc7fffdfe640`dev_for_hostbridge+0xef(5d7280, 588a88)
fffffc7fffdfe6d0`DEVprop_set+0x13b(664dd0, 664e70, 0, fffffc7feb91c9da, fffffc7feb91c813)
fffffc7fffdfe750`did_props_set+0x84(664dd0, 664e70, fffffc7feb92dc60, 7)
fffffc7fffdfe7b0`pcihostbridge_declare+0x87(5d7280, 5853e0, 5a8a08, 2)
fffffc7fffdfe820`hb_process+0x69(5d7280, 5853e0, 2, 5a8a08)
fffffc7fffdfe880`pci_hostbridges_find+0x6c(5d7280, 5853e0)
fffffc7fffdfe8c0`platform_hb_enum+0x13(5d7280, 5853e0, 5d27e0, 0, fe)
fffffc7fffdfe940`hb_enum+0x90(5d7280, 5853e0, 5d27e0, 0, fe, 0)
fffffc7fffdfe9d0`topo_mod_enumerate+0xc8(5d7280, 5853e0, 450ff0, 5d27e0, 0, fe)
fffffc7fffdfea20`enum_run+0x94(585480, 65df60)
fffffc7fffdfea90`topo_xml_range_process+0x103(585480, 42fe50, 65df60)
fffffc7fffdfeb10`tf_rdata_new+0x118(585480, 58de60, 42fe50, 5853e0)
fffffc7fffdfeba0`topo_xml_walk+0x10d(585480, 58de60, 42ea70, 5853e0)
fffffc7fffdfec30`dependent_create+0x15c(585480, 58de60, 58dbc0, 42ea70, 5853e0)
fffffc7fffdfecb0`dependents_create+0x86(585480, 58de60, 58dbc0, 429cf0, 5853e0)
fffffc7fffdfedd0`pad_process+0x9a(585480, 590f60, 429cf0, 5853e0, 590fa8)
fffffc7fffdfee40`topo_xml_range_process+0x25b(585480, 429cf0, 590f60)
fffffc7fffdfeec0`tf_rdata_new+0x118(585480, 58de60, 429cf0, 585520)
fffffc7fffdfef50`topo_xml_walk+0x10d(585480, 58de60, 4241b0, 585520)
fffffc7fffdfefa0`topo_xml_enum+0x5f(585480, 58de60, 585520)
fffffc7fffdff120`topo_file_load+0xe6(585480, 585520, fffffc7fec571de7, fffffc7fec571dc1, 0)
fffffc7fffdff150`topo_mod_enummap+0x10(585480, 585520, fffffc7fec571de7, fffffc7fec571dc1)
fffffc7fffdff190`x86pi_enum_start+0x1f2(585480, fffffc7fffdff1a0)
fffffc7fffdff210`x86pi_enum+0x6f(585480, 585520, 588e90, 0, 0, 0)
fffffc7fffdff2a0`topo_mod_enumerate+0xc8(585480, 585520, 450e50, 588e90, 0, 0)
fffffc7fffdff2f0`enum_run+0x94(5855c0, 57f0f0)
fffffc7fffdff360`topo_xml_range_process+0x103(5855c0, 595ec0, 57f0f0)
fffffc7fffdff3e0`tf_rdata_new+0x118(5855c0, 58dee0, 595ec0, 585520)
fffffc7fffdff470`topo_xml_walk+0x10d(5855c0, 58dee0, 4254d0, 585520)
fffffc7fffdff4c0`topo_xml_enum+0x5f(5855c0, 58dee0, 585520)
fffffc7fffdff640`topo_file_load+0xe6(5855c0, 585520, 485fb8, 588ea0, 0)
fffffc7fffdff670`topo_tree_enum+0x84(481f00, 574300)
fffffc7fffdff710`topo_snap_create+0xb2(481f00, fffffc7fffdff7d0, 0)
fffffc7fffdff760`topo_snap_hold+0xba(481f00, 0, fffffc7fffdff7d0)
fffffc7fffdffcc0 enumerate_disks+0xb9(fffffc7fffdffcd0)
fffffc7fffdffd00 main+0xf7(1, fffffc7fffdffd58)
fffffc7fffdffd30 _start_crt+0x83()
fffffc7fffdffd40 _start+0x18()
Actions #6

Updated by Electric Monk about 4 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed

git commit eb00b1c8a31c2253a353644606388dff5b0e0275

commit  eb00b1c8a31c2253a353644606388dff5b0e0275
Author: Robert Mustacchi <>
Date:   2020-03-24T22:27:39.000Z

    11609 Want modern Intel IMC driver
    11612 x86 PCI enumeration should not rely on bios max bus
    Reviewed by: Jerry Jelinek <>
    Reviewed by: Rob Johnston <>
    Approved by: Gordon Ross <>

Actions #7

Updated by Robert Mustacchi about 4 years ago

  • Related to Feature #12444: Intel v1 chip topo needs rank information added

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