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terminfo could know about rxvt-unicode

Added by Robert Mustacchi 7 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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The rxvt-unicode software has its own terminal types:

  • rxvt-unicode
  • rxvt-unicode-256color

The terminal information for these is not shipped as part of the standard terminfo or termcap databases maintained by Thomas Dickey and commonly found as part of the ncurses software. In many GNU/Linux distributions this terminal is present as part of the standard terminfo and termcap data. This is common on Debian and Ubuntu, for example, while others like Arch sometimes use their own package. For software that's part of illumos and using our curses and terminal information suite, we should supply these additional terminal types, just like those Linux distributions. This will allow someone to ssh in, where their TERM is often forwarded, and use software like mdb, prstat, etc. Note, distributions may need to still do something similar for ncurses data if they have things set up such that there are separate terminfo databases.



Updated by Rich Lowe 7 months ago

  • Subject changed from terminfo could know aobut rxvt-unicode to terminfo could know about rxvt-unicode

Updated by Robert Mustacchi 5 months ago

To test this I went through and used various tools like mdb, prstat, etc. and they now worked.


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Author: Robert Mustacchi <>
Date:   2019-10-25T15:25:03.000Z

    11669 terminfo could know about rxvt-unicode
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