Bug #11856

chown can trigger vmdump when running recentish zfs

Added by Jorge Schrauwen 11 months ago. Updated 11 months ago.

zfs - Zettabyte File System
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SmartOS 20191002T172656Z

I was using this script to reset some ACLs that got messed up, I can repeatedly trigger the dump by running just the chown command at the beginning of the script. I was doing this inside a zone.

## archive
# set owner
/bin/chown -Rf nobody:media_rw ${SHARE}
/bin/chmod 0070 ${SHARE}
/bin/chmod g+s ${SHARE}
/bin/find ${SHARE}/ -type d -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 3 \
  -not -path "${SHARE}/.\$EXTEND*" \
  -not -path "${SHARE}/.zfs*" \
  -exec /bin/chmod g+s {} \+
# cleanup existing acl
/bin/chmod A- ${SHARE}
/bin/chmod A3- ${SHARE}
/bin/chmod A2- ${SHARE}
/bin/chmod A1- ${SHARE}
# set base acl
/bin/chmod A0=everyone@:------a-R-c--s:fd-----:allow ${SHARE}
/bin/chmod A+owner@:------a-R-c--s:fd-----:allow ${SHARE}
/bin/chmod A+group@:r-----a-R-c--s:f------:allow ${SHARE}
/bin/chmod A+group@:r-x---a-R-c--s:-d-----:allow ${SHARE}
# set extended  acl
/bin/chmod A+group:media_ro:r-----a-R-c--s:f------:allow ${SHARE}
/bin/chmod A+group:media_ro:r-x---a-R-c--s:-d-----:allow ${SHARE}

## music
for SHARE in /archive/movies /archive/music; do
  # cleanup existing acl
  /bin/chmod A- ${SHARE}
  /bin/chmod A3- ${SHARE}
  /bin/chmod A2- ${SHARE}
  /bin/chmod A1- ${SHARE}
  # set base acl
  /bin/chmod A0=everyone@:------a-R-c--s:fd-----:allow ${SHARE}
  /bin/chmod A+owner@:------a-R-c--s:fd-----:allow ${SHARE}
  /bin/chmod A+group@:rw-pdDaARWcCos:f------:allow ${SHARE}
  /bin/chmod A+group@:rwxpdDaARWcCos:-d-----:allow ${SHARE}
  # set extended  acl
  /bin/chmod A+group:media_ro:r-----a-R-c--s:f------:allow ${SHARE}
  /bin/chmod A+group:media_ro:r-x---a-R-c--s:-d-----:allow ${SHARE}
  # propogate acl
  /bin/mkdir ${SHARE}/.zfs_acl_dir
  /bin/find ${SHARE}/ -type d -mindepth 1 \
    -not -path "${SHARE}/.\$EXTEND*" \
    -not -path "${SHARE}/.zfs*" \
    -exec cpacl ${SHARE}/.zfs_acl_dir {} \+
  /bin/rmdir ${SHARE}/.zfs_acl_dir
  /bin/touch ${SHARE}/.zfs_acl_file
  /bin/find ${SHARE}/ -type f -mindepth 1 \
    -not -path "${SHARE}/.\$EXTEND*" \
    -not -path "${SHARE}/.zfs*" \
    -exec cpacl ${SHARE}/.zfs_acl_file {} \+
 /bin/rm ${SHARE}/.zfs_acl_file

The following is sufficient to trigger the dump:

/bin/chown -Rf nobody:media_rw /archive

It looks to be a null deref

savecore: 2019-10-20T20:29:25.766090+00:00 carbon savecore: [ID 570001 auth.error] reboot after panic: BAD TRAP: type=e (#pf Page fault) rp=fffffe00f9157ec0 addr=1 occurred in module "<unknown>" due to a NULL pointer dereference
System dump time: Sun Oct 20 20:19:06 2019

And the full stack I extracted, uploading the whole vmdump too but that will take about a full day. And might not be needed, I'm bad with mdb but I have the stack

[root@carbon /var/crash/volatile]# mdb -k unix.1 vmcore.1
Loading modules: [ unix genunix specfs dtrace mac cpu.generic uppc apix scsi_vhci ufs ip hook neti sockfs arp usba stmf_sbd stmf zfs mm sd lofs idm mpt_sas sata random cpc logindmux ptm sppp nfs ]
> $c
sa_build_layouts+0x23d(fffffeb3ac722790, fffffeb31570b0c0, e, fffffeb3ac6e62c0)
sa_modify_attrs+0x2e8(fffffeb3ac722790, 1, 3, 1, 8, 47)
sa_attr_op+0xf3(fffffeb3ac722790, fffffe00f9158440, 8, 1, fffffeb3ac6e62c0)
sa_bulk_update_impl+0x6d(fffffeb3ac722790, fffffe00f9158440, 8, fffffeb3ac6e62c0)
sa_bulk_update+0x4d(fffffeb3ac722790, fffffe00f9158440, 8, fffffeb3ac6e62c0)
zfs_setattr+0x1ad6(fffffeb3a0e5b380, fffffe00f9158d90, 0, fffffeb3508420c8, 0)
fop_setattr+0x91(fffffeb3a0e5b380, fffffe00f9158d90, 0, fffffeb3508420c8, 0)
lo_setattr+0x1b(fffffeb3ac71ad40, fffffe00f9158d90, 0, fffffeb3508420c8, 0)
fop_setattr+0x91(fffffeb3ac71ad40, fffffe00f9158d90, 0, fffffeb3508420c8, 0)
fsetattrat+0x147(ffd19553, fed14042, 0, fffffe00f9158d90)
fchownat+0xc8(ffd19553, fed14042, ea61, 8a3, 0)
chown+0x1f(fed14042, ea61, 8a3)

Related issues

Related to illumos gate - Bug #11479: zfs project supportClosed




Updated by Jorge Schrauwen 11 months ago

[root@carbon ~]# zpool get all archive
NAME     PROPERTY                       VALUE                          SOURCE
archive  size                           43.5T                          -
archive  capacity                       43%                            -
archive  altroot                        -                              default
archive  health                         ONLINE                         -
archive  guid                           15638511114199084855           default
archive  version                        -                              default
archive  bootfs                         -                              default
archive  delegation                     on                             default
archive  autoreplace                    off                            default
archive  cachefile                      -                              default
archive  failmode                       wait                           default
archive  listsnapshots                  off                            default
archive  autoexpand                     on                             local
archive  dedupditto                     0                              default
archive  dedupratio                     1.00x                          -
archive  free                           24.6T                          -
archive  allocated                      18.9T                          -
archive  readonly                       off                            -
archive  comment                        archival storage               local
archive  expandsize                     -                              -
archive  freeing                        0                              default
archive  fragmentation                  0%                             -
archive  leaked                         0                              default
archive  bootsize                       -                              default
archive  checkpoint                     -                              -
archive  multihost                      off                            default
archive  ashift                         0                              default
archive  autotrim                       off                            default
archive  feature@async_destroy          enabled                        local
archive  feature@empty_bpobj            active                         local
archive  feature@lz4_compress           active                         local
archive  feature@multi_vdev_crash_dump  enabled                        local
archive  feature@spacemap_histogram     active                         local
archive  feature@enabled_txg            active                         local
archive  feature@hole_birth             active                         local
archive  feature@extensible_dataset     active                         local
archive  feature@embedded_data          active                         local
archive  feature@bookmarks              enabled                        local
archive  feature@filesystem_limits      enabled                        local
archive  feature@large_blocks           active                         local
archive  feature@large_dnode            enabled                        local
archive  feature@sha512                 enabled                        local
archive  feature@skein                  enabled                        local
archive  feature@edonr                  enabled                        local
archive  feature@device_removal         enabled                        local
archive  feature@obsolete_counts        enabled                        local
archive  feature@zpool_checkpoint       enabled                        local
archive  feature@spacemap_v2            active                         local
archive  feature@allocation_classes     enabled                        local
archive  feature@resilver_defer         disabled                       local
archive  feature@encryption             disabled                       local
archive  feature@bookmark_v2            disabled                       local
archive  feature@userobj_accounting     disabled                       local
archive  feature@project_quota          disabled                       local
archive  feature@log_spacemap           disabled                       local

The output from zpool get all to see all the feature flags.


Updated by Jorge Schrauwen 11 months ago

Dump up on the usual spot, called vmdump.ISSUENUM.gz


Updated by Gergő Mihály Doma 11 months ago

  • Related to Bug #11479: zfs project support added

Updated by Gergő Mihály Doma 11 months ago

It looks to be a null deref

No, it's a "Dereferencing Past-the-End Pointer" type of error.
The problem is in the zfs_setattr_dir() function:
bulk[] array can hold only 4 elements, but count variable (which is later used as an index of bulk[]) can be incremented beyond this limit (see the SA_ADD_BULK_ATTR() preprocessor macro) with every iteration of the while loop (see line 2818), because count never set back to 0.

Although I'm not absolutely sure about how this work, I propose two possible solution:
  1. The less clever one - reset count to zero at the end of while loop:
    2885 next:
    2886                 if (zp) {
    2887                         VN_RELE(ZTOV(zp));
    2888                         zp = NULL;
    2889                         zfs_dirent_unlock(dl);
    2890                 }
    2891                 zap_cursor_advance(&zc);
    2892                 count = 0;
    2893         }
  2. Better solution - move the count variable definition into the scope of the while loop:
    2811         znode_t         *zp = NULL;
    2812         dmu_tx_t        *tx = NULL;
    2813         sa_bulk_attr_t  bulk[4];
    2814         int             err;
    2816         zap_cursor_init(&zc, os, dzp->z_id);
    2817         while ((err = zap_cursor_retrieve(&zc, &zap)) == 0) {
    2818                 int     count = 0;
    2820                 if (zap.za_integer_length != 8 || zap.za_num_integers != 1) {
    2821                         err = ENXIO;
    2822                         break;
    2823                 }

Of course, this is just a quick hack, and it would be good to improve the zfs tests for this case, use ASSERT() or VERIFY() to check boundaries, etc.


Updated by Jerry Jelinek 11 months ago

  • Assignee set to Jerry Jelinek

I see the ZoL fix has been merged. It's ZoL commit 8cb34421e. I'll work on getting it ported over.


Updated by Jerry Jelinek 11 months ago

To test this, I did a zfs test run (which won't hit the bug, but ensures no regressions) and I manually did a recursive chown on a large/deep directory tree (a clone of illumos-gate) which ran fine without any panic.


Updated by Jerry Jelinek 11 months ago

  • Subject changed from chown can trigger vmdump when running recentish zfs to chown can trigger vmdump when running recentish zfs

Updated by Electric Monk 11 months ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed
  • % Done changed from 0 to 100

git commit 5a120e272991505eb171d0469f79d937cced483a

commit  5a120e272991505eb171d0469f79d937cced483a
Author: Tim Chase <>
Date:   2019-10-25T21:43:34.000Z

    11856 chown can trigger vmdump when running recentish zfs
    Portions contributed by: Jerry Jelinek <>
    Reviewed by: Brian Behlendorf <>
    Reviewed by: Chris Dunlop <>
    Reviewed by: Tom Caputi <>
    Reviewed by: Andy Stormont <>
    Reviewed by: Andy Fiddaman <>
    Reviewed by: Matthias Scheler <>
    Reviewed by: Gergo Doma <>
    Approved by: Dan McDonald <>


Updated by Jorge Schrauwen 11 months ago

Did this make it into illumos-joyent yet?

I check the commit and it was, but when I build a PI from smartos-live/illumos-joyent from about 4 hours ago, I still trigger this crash.

[root@atlas ~]# bash /data/docs/acl/

panic[cpu7]/thread=fffffeb1f8bd47c0: BAD TRAP: type=e (#pf Page fault) rp=fffffe00f8325ec0 addr=1 occurred in module "<unknown>" due to a NULL pointer dereference

chown: #pf Page fault
Bad kernel fault at addr=0x1
pid=16756, pc=0x1, sp=0xfffffe00f8325fb8, eflags=0x10202
cr0: 80050033<pg,wp,ne,et,mp,pe>  cr4: 1626f8<smep,osxsav,pcide,vmxe,xmme,fxsr,pge,mce,pae,pse,de>
cr2: 1  cr3: 105efd7000  cr8: 0

        rdi: fffffe00f8325fd0 rsi: fffffe00f8325fcc rdx:               10
        rcx:                1  r8:                8  r9: fffffeb3565b6650
        rax:                0 rbx: fffffeb3565b6650 rbp: fffffe00f8326030
        r10:                0 r11:               10 r12:                0
        r13:               10 r14:                1 r15:                8
        fsb:                0 gsb: fffffeb1cdd09000  ds:               4b
         es:               4b  fs:                0  gs:              1c3
        trp:                e err:               10 rip:                1
         cs:               30 rfl:            10202 rsp: fffffe00f8325fb8
         ss:               38

fffffe00f8325dc0 unix:die+c6 ()
fffffe00f8325eb0 unix:trap+11fd ()
fffffe00f8325ec0 unix:cmntrap+e6 ()
fffffe00f8326030 1 ()
fffffe00f8326160 zfs:sa_build_layouts+23d ()
fffffe00f8326260 zfs:sa_modify_attrs+2e8 ()
fffffe00f83262f0 zfs:sa_attr_op+f3 ()
fffffe00f8326360 zfs:sa_bulk_update_impl+6d ()
fffffe00f83263c0 zfs:sa_bulk_update+4d ()
fffffe00f8326640 zfs:zfs_setattr_dir+24f ()
fffffe00f8326bd0 zfs:zfs_setattr+1ad6 ()
fffffe00f8326c40 genunix:fop_setattr+91 ()
fffffe00f8326c80 lofs:lo_setattr+1b ()
fffffe00f8326cf0 genunix:fop_setattr+91 ()
fffffe00f8326d70 genunix:fsetattrat+147 ()
fffffe00f8326e80 genunix:fchownat+c8 ()
fffffe00f8326eb0 genunix:chown+1f ()
fffffe00f8326f10 unix:brand_sys_sysenter+1df ()

dumping to /dev/zvol/dsk/zones/dump, offset 65536, content: kernel

Updated by Jorge Schrauwen 11 months ago

Doesn't look like the change is present yet in illumos-joyent, i'm a bit confused becasue it does look like they merged from illumos-gate since the commit went in.


Updated by Jorge Schrauwen 11 months ago

After todays merge from upstream, the dump now no longer happens <3

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