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Want AMD temperature sensor for F10h-F16h

Added by Robert Mustacchi over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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While 11184 added CPU temperature sensors for some AMD systems, it only did so for the Zen family 17h cpus that used the SMN - system management network. The older CPUs in families 10h-16h they use a different mechanism that is just a miscellaneous PCI device on the northbridge (PCI Device 18h, Function 3h). This adds a new driver 'amdnbtemp' that takes care of adding support for AMD Families 10h-16h with the exception of family 15h models 60-7f which use a variant of the SMN. The driver uses the burgeoning sensor framework to expose these.


Updated by Robert Mustacchi about 1 year ago

We've tested this on some F10h and F16h systems. Unfortunately, there's not a great way to verify the accuracy of the temperature readings on the systems that we've been able to test from; however, this how other systems read their temperature sensors from the processor and doesn't seem unreasonable. Given that FM won't generate alerts on this, but provide information, it seem that having it is probably more useful than not.


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Author: Robert Mustacchi <>
Date:   2020-01-20T00:18:56.000Z

    12137 Want AMD temperature sensor for F10h-F16h
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