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update to GCC 7.5.0

Added by John Levon 12 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Updated by John Levon 12 months ago

We can take the opportunity to update to GCC 7.5.0 instead of 7.4, and also pull in a couple more patches from Andy. This now basically has us level with both illumos-extra from Joyent and OmniOS's GCC. pkgsrc and OI are an unknown state at this point.

The tree is here:

I ran the test suite, and compared it to a GCC 7.4-il1 run:

which afaict, looks good, or at least as good as 7.4

Full results are:


Updated by John Levon 12 months ago

Note: the only patch changes were the two new ones at the top of the stack


Updated by John Levon 12 months ago

So far I've built an illumos-gate with this compiler, and booted a test system for running util-tests, os-tests, elf-tests, and crypto-tests. I also built SmartOS with the compiler and ran it on a headnode with some basic smoke testing.

DTrace+CTF testing underway.


Updated by John Levon 12 months ago

I compared against oi-userland's 7.5.0. Aside from Andy's two most recent patches, they also have:

That's something we should probably look at bringing in later; I don't think it's needed right now.


Updated by John Levon 12 months ago

A SmartOS ctf diff all comparison:

just a little bit of noise.


Updated by John Levon 12 months ago

I ran the DTrace test suite without any failures attributable to the gcc change.


Updated by John Levon 6 months ago

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This was done a while back...

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