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oi-build needs the Adobe Flash plugin for Firefox

Added by Alasdair Lumsden almost 11 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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A person with the nickname of oninoshiko requested a redistribution license for Adobe Flash on behalf of the OpenIndiana project.

As such we should be able to ship the plugin in oi-build.

We'll need to ask oninoshiko for the license agreement to ship with the package.

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oninoshiko requested a license from Adobe for flash a while ago:

21:10 < oninoshiko> you have to get a redistrobution license from adobe
21:10 < oninoshiko> : has to deal with it at work
21:11 < oninoshiko> they should.
21:11 < oninoshiko> it's actually not that much of a deal, you just send a form to them once a year
21:11 < oninoshiko> and keep the email they send you for the next year
21:11 < oninoshiko> it's just paperwork
21:16 < oninoshiko> Then I'll fill it out the form on tuesday. It takes about a week for them to approve it.
21:16 < oninoshiko> so far I've never seen one denied
21:17 < oninoshiko> there is one question, do we have any idea how many users we have?
21:17 < oninoshiko> (they ask you to estimate that)
21:24 < oninoshiko> that's fine
21:25 < oninoshiko> should I email you when I get a response from Adobe?
21:34 < oninoshiko> done. I should know more next week.
05:15 < oninoshiko> AlasAway: Adobe actually already got an approval sent back to me, that's the fastest I've seen them turn one of those around.
05:16 < oninoshiko> I'll start working on a package... The license is in PDF

However he didn't complete a package that i'm aware of, and hasn't been on IRC since July 12th 2011.

I have contacted him via sourceforge today to ask if he can email me the PDF. Not sure if the IPS license action can take a pdf, but I can try :-)

Once I've got the license I'll do the package - hopefully we can get this into 151.

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You can apply yourself as a distro provider to have Adobe Flash Player preinstalled on the Live CD for distribution.


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Thanks Ken - I have applied for the license.

They state it's only for physical distribution or distribution on a private intranet, but on the application I stated we wanted it for use via our public internet package server and downloadable ISO CD images.

Hopefully they'll grant us a license allowing us to distribute it via those methods.

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I'm closing this as Adobe no longer supplies Flash for Solaris.

The only alternative I can see is Gnash but it's pretty gash.


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