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want kthread worker interface

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Upstreaming a select portion of OS-5845 for bhyve:

As part of the work on LX branded zones in illumos-joyent, we wanted the ability to run kernel-only threads associated with a process. This was initially used for emulated Linux AIO in-kernel, rather than via the userspace library.

When we were working to improve viona for bhyve, the convenience of instantiating those kernel only threads in the bhyve process for virtio ring processing was convenient. That specific functionality is required before the modern viona implementation is upstreamed.

The gist of this approach is to create an lwp in the process. This thread has a special flag set (TP_KTHREAD) which both excepts it from selection in prchoose() and differentiates it in the kernel heap, should it matter for inspection of a crash dump. In most cases (for viona, at least) the worker thread will have all signals blocked (although paying heed to the containing process for SEXITING) and execute an function which will not make a trip to userspace.

An example of how one might create such a thread:

k_sigset_t hold_set;
proc_t *p = curproc;
kthread_t *t;
klwp_t *lwp;

lwp = lwp_create(WORKER_FUNC, (void *)WORKER_ARG, 0, p, TS_STOPPED,
        minclsyspri - 1, &hold_set, curthread->t_cid, 0);
if (lwp == NULL) {
        // failure path

t = lwptot(lwp);
t->t_proc_flag = (t->t_proc_flag & ~TP_HOLDLWP) | TP_KTHREAD;

The thread will live and run inside the process from which it was started. It's the responsibility of that thread to check for status changes (like SEXITING) in the process which would precipitate its own exit.

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Updated by Patrick Mooney 9 months ago

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Updated by Patrick Mooney 9 months ago

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Updated by Patrick Mooney 9 months ago

The portion of this required for bhyve/viona upstreaming is only the TP_KTHREAD addition (and its consuming logic in prchoose()).


Updated by Patrick Mooney 9 months ago

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Updated by Patrick Mooney 8 months ago

This has been in use by viona for bhyve (and LX) on SmartOS and OmniOSce for over a year now.


Updated by Patrick Mooney 8 months ago

On a system with this patch (and the subsequent bhyve patches so that a consumer, viona, would be present) I tried some of the process-related actions which Jerry tested when he originally did the work. As expected, the kernel worker threads are absent from pstack and from the core file generated by gcore. They do appear in /proc and prstat with the expected names. Stopping and starting the process with pstop/prun went without a hitch as well.


Updated by Patrick Mooney 8 months ago


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Author: Jerry Jelinek <>
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    12675 want kthread worker interface
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