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Vietnamese input method - Unikey

Added by jiaxing ruan about 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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I tried to create an account on sfe to add to their wishlist but this site has never send an activation email to me. I went to topicbox, but it seemed this is commercial. I'm not an developer so I don't know what to do. After a while I found this site, fortunately, I could register.

I'm just a normal user that wanted to use OpenIndiana on desktop alongside of Linux. This alternative OS has a working Firefox browser so it's totally possible to use as a daily OS. But I quickly found ibus on OI doesn't have the Unikey method. On Linux, it's usually provided by the package ibus-unikey. I tried with m17n and very soon I found this version of m17n is too old so it doesn't support Vietnamese!

Please consider updating ibus and the corresponding package and adding the Unikey input method. On Linux, I switched to fcitx and fcitx-unikey for a long time but ibus is the default on OI so I just go with ibus. I know how to install LibreOffice but without a Vietnamese input method it's useless for me! Thank you a lot.

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Updated by Aurélien Larcher about 3 years ago

thank you for your message :)
Is it this package that would be required?

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Updated by giahung 1997tn about 3 years ago

Aurélien Larcher wrote:

thank you for your message :)
Is it this package that would be required?

Yes. More information: ibus can't work with qt5 based apps. On Linux, I switched to fcitx completely but on OI we only have ibus so I just live with ibus. I only want to input Vietnamese on LibreOffice (GTK3) so I think ibus is enough for me :)

p/s: I'm the OP. I found my previous account name sounds too Chinese so I created this new one, definitely more Vietnamese :)

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Updated by gh origin almost 3 years ago

That's not something hard to do. Joyent already has ibus and ibus-unikey on their pkgsrc repo. Everything the developers need to do is pull it to their repo and build binary packages. But the only thing they are lacking is time!

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Updated by David Stes over 1 year ago

  • Related to Bug #14453: dead keys X11/MATE not working when IBus is disabled added

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