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failure in dladm_ether_info() can lead to a double free

Added by Robert Mustacchi about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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A user had a core dump with the following:

> ::status
debugging core file of dladm (32-bit) from omnibot
initial argv: dladm show-ether
threading model: raw lwps
status: process terminated by SIGABRT (Abort), pid=647 uid=0 code=-1
> $C
0803fa58`_lwp_kill+7(1, 6, 0, 1, fef42000, fef20dfd)
0803faa8`__umem_assert_failed(fef20dfd, fef21077, 86eef78)
0803fae8`process_free+0x74(86eef78, 1, 0)
0803fc58 show_etherprop+0x6b(86ebfb8, 3, 803fd08)
0803fcd8`dladm_walk_datalink_id+0x9d(8061b50, 86ebfb8, 803fd08, 1, 4, 0)
0803fd38 do_show_ether+0x14c(1, 803fde0, 8067890)
0803fd78 main+0x10a(fed3d7e7, fedb75e8)
0803fdb8 _start_crt+0x96(2, 803fddc, fefd0d2f, 0, 0, 0)
0803fdd0 _start+0x1a(2, 803ff14, 803ff1a, 0, 803ff25, 803ff39)
> ::umem_status -v
Status:         ready and active
Concurrency:    4
Logs:           (inactive)
Message buffer:
free(86eef78): invalid or corrupted buffer
stack trace:'umem_err_recoverable+0x37'process_free+0x74'umem_malloc_free+0x1a'dladm_ether_info_done+0x2a

If we look at the buffer and context, we're trying to free the dladm_ether_info_t structure that's constructed from dladm_ether_info(). Now, the comment from umem is that this is either a corrupt buffer or already freed. If we look at the implementation of dladm_ether_info() these values are allocated in one place and then freed when dladm_ether_info_done() is called. Now here's the interesting thing that can happen:

1. If dladm_ether_info() fails, it'll call dladm_ether_info_done() to free the state, before returning a failure.
2. When dladm_ether_info() fails, show_etherprop() also calls dladm_ether_info_done() on the structure/

This means that we end up trying to free the same data twice which leads us here. This means that a transient failure to get one of the stats would have had to happen. However, we hear that this always happens the first time the user calls this and then everything is fine after that. We should do two things here:

1. Make sure that dladm_ether_info_done() NULLs out the various values it frees so if a double free where to happen again, it'd be a no-op.
2. Make sure that show_etherprop() doesn't call the clean up function in the failure case.

Actions #1

Updated by Robert Mustacchi about 2 years ago

To test this I simulated a failure by injecting a failure with mdb by causing the act of getting a mac stat to fail. For example, this is what happened on an old binary:

root@beowulf:~# export
root@beowulf:~# export UMEM_DEBUG=default
root@beowulf:~# mdb /usr/sbin/dladm
> ::bp`dladm_ether_info     
> ::run show-ether
mdb: stop at`dladm_ether_info
mdb: target stopped at:`dladm_ether_info: pushl  %ebp
mdb: You've got symbols!
Loading modules: [ ]
> :c
mdb: stop at`dladm_ether_info+0xf4
mdb: target stopped at:`dladm_ether_info+0xf4:    movl   %eax,%esi
mdb: You've got symbols!
Loading modules: [ ]> <eip::dis`dladm_ether_info+0xd7:    addl   $0xc,%esp`dladm_ether_info+0xda:    movl   %eax,(%esi)`dladm_ether_info+0xdc:    movl   0x3c(%edi),%eax`dladm_ether_info+0xdf:    movl   -0x34(%ebp),%edx`dladm_ether_info+0xe2:    movl   %edx,0x4(%eax)`dladm_ether_info+0xe5:    leal   0x24(%edi),%eax`dladm_ether_info+0xe8:    pushl  %eax`dladm_ether_info+0xe9:    pushl  0xc(%ebp)`dladm_ether_info+0xec:    pushl  0x8(%ebp)`dladm_ether_info+0xef:    call   -0x11fa6 <`dladm_get_state>`dladm_ether_info+0xf4:    movl   %eax,%esi`dladm_ether_info+0xf6:    addl   $0x10,%esp`dladm_ether_info+0xf9:    testl  %eax,%eax`dladm_ether_info+0xfb:    jne    -0xbc    <`dladm_ether_info+0x45>`dladm_ether_info+0x101:   leal   0x2b00(%ebx),%esi`dladm_ether_info+0x107:   leal   0x28(%edi),%eax`dladm_ether_info+0x10a:   movl   $0x1,-0x40(%ebp)`dladm_ether_info+0x111:   leal   -0x1c(%ebp),%ecx`dladm_ether_info+0x114:   movl   %ecx,-0x48(%ebp)`dladm_ether_info+0x117:   leal   -0x20(%ebp),%ecx`dladm_ether_info+0x11a:   movl   %ecx,-0x4c(%ebp)
> 2>eax
> :c
mdb: stop on SIGABRT
mdb: target stopped at:`_lwp_kill+7:   jae    +0xc     <`_lwp_kill+0x15>
> $C
08040c88`_lwp_kill+7(1, 6, 0, 1, fef32000, fef10d1d)
08040cd8`__umem_assert_failed(fef10d1d, fef10f97, 8eadf48)
08040d18`process_free+0x74(8eadf48, 1, 0)
08040e88 show_etherprop+0x6b(8ea2fb0, 1, 8040f38)
08040f08`dladm_walk_datalink_id+0x9d(805f428, 8ea2fb0, 8040f38, 1, 4, 0)
08040f68 do_show_ether+0x14c(1, 8041018, 8065360)
08040fa8 main+0xd2(feda0ef7, fee1c628)
08040fe8 _start_crt+0x96(2, 8041014, f7d5477e, 0, 0, 0)
08041008 _start+0x1a(2, 80410ec, 80410f2, 0, 80410fd, 8041111)

However, if we did the same thing on the newer binary, this no longer crashes and I can verify that we don't call into dladm_ether_info_done() twice any more. An important consideration with this test is that if libumem is not loaded, then the system will swallow the double free, unfortunately.

Actions #2

Updated by Electric Monk about 2 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed
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git commit 7fa359c09493c7b56e7c3e98fccc7e5cc0f09b48

commit  7fa359c09493c7b56e7c3e98fccc7e5cc0f09b48
Author: Robert Mustacchi <>
Date:   2020-06-11T16:56:18.000Z

    12820 failure in dladm_ether_info() can lead to a double free
    Reviewed by: Andy Fiddaman <>
    Reviewed by: Igor Kozhukhov <>
    Reviewed by: Toomas Soome <>
    Approved by: Dan McDonald <>


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