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Please change gcc to produce 64 bit binary by default

Added by giahung 1997tn 10 months ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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I have checked four of Illumos distro (OmniOS, DilOS, Tribblix and OI) and found most of them still default to 32 bit binary by default. Only DilOS changed to 64 bit by default. Since I'm only work with OI and not with OmniOS or Tribblix so I report here, hoping someone would hear me. This minor change is not a big deal at all since we don't remove the ability to produce 32 bit binary from gcc. We only switch to produce 64 bit binary by default. People wanting to build 32 bit binary on a 64 bit system should specify -m32 directly themselves.

This minor change help people usually build software from source like me very much. Since the configure script always pick up the i386 architecture as default but not x86_64 I have to specify the 64 bit BUILD and HOST value directly to it. It's only complicated and make everything inconvenient to keep producing 32 bit binary by default.


Updated by Aurélien Larcher 10 months ago

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gcc-9 and gcc-10 already default to 64-bit and current gcc versions will not be changed to avoid breaking current packages.


Updated by Aurélien Larcher 10 months ago

And the reason is that you would actually break packages in oi-userland, I already had to fix 170 for gcc-10 on top of ~60 for gcc-9.
I contribute to OI in my spare time and I do not want to spend my evenings fixing things broken by others ;)

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