Bug #12907

epoll_ctl can avoid EINTR entirely

Added by Patrick Mooney 4 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Upstreaming the non-LX portion of OS-5521 from SmartOS:

Since epoll_ctl() is not expected to be interruptable, the wait for write access to its devpoll resource can be a little tricky. This was especially troublesome for the LX emulation, which could not rely on signal delivery and later retry (via SA_RESTART or the native libc logic). As it turns out, the constrains of epoll, where a maximum of two entries will be processed by dpwrite() (a remove and an add to implement EPOLL_CTL_MOD) means a firm upper bound on the wait time, meaning a signal-ignorant wait would be completely acceptable (for epoll-flavored handles).

This has been in production on SmartOS since 2016.



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Updated by Patrick Mooney 4 months ago

I added an illumos-specific test to the epoll suite to verify the /dev/poll write limit imposed as part of this patch.
On a system without the change, writes larger than two descriptors can proceed:

test_illumos    0       TFAIL: 48 != -1
test_illumos    1       TFAIL: 0 != 22
test_illumos    2       TFAIL: -1 != 0
test_illumos    3       TPASS

With the patch (limited to two-descriptor writes for the sake of EPOLL_CTL_MOD), the test is clean:

test_illumos    0       TPASS
test_illumos    1       TPASS
test_illumos    2       TPASS
test_illumos    3       TPASS

The other signal-related portion of this test is difficult to exercise. Hitting that race was a rare occurrence for even heavy epoll users. (The one notable exception was a proprietary Haskell app) That said, this fix has been in SmartOS and OmniOS for years without issue.


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git commit 3c2d4f391c2bc4b3b4126c0757329835c80781ed

commit  3c2d4f391c2bc4b3b4126c0757329835c80781ed
Author: Patrick Mooney <>
Date:   2020-07-06T15:33:58.000Z

    12907 epoll_ctl can avoid EINTR entirely
    Reviewed by: Ryan Zezeski <>
    Reviewed by: Jerry Jelinek <>
    Approved by: Robert Mustacchi <>

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