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add support for PCI-E rge cards

Added by Rick V over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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the code that support PCI-E variants of the RTL81689 cards has been around for over a decade but never accounted for in the package manifest

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Updated by Joshua M. Clulow over 1 year ago

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Updated by Rick V over 1 year ago

for reference this is what DDU had to say about my RTL8168 add-in card:

node name:                          pci7470,3468
Vendor:                             Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
Device:                             RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Sub-Vendor:                         TP-LINK Technologies Co., Ltd.
Sub-System:                         TG-3468 Gigabit PCI Express Network Adapter
binding name:                       pciex10ec,8168
devfs path:                         /pci@0,0/pci1022,1453@1,3/pci1022,43c6@0,2/pci1022,43c7@4/pci7470,3468@0
bus addr:                           0
pci path:                           5,0,0
compatible name:                    (pciex10ec,8168.7470.3468.6)(pciex10ec,8168.7470.3468)(pciex10ec,8168.6)(pciex10ec,8168)(pciexclass,020000)(pciexclass,0200)(pci10ec,8168.7470.3468.6)(pci10ec,8168.7470.3468)(pci7470,3468,s)(pci7470,3468)(pci10ec,8168.6)(pci10ec,8168,p)(pci10ec,8168)(pciclass,020000)(pciclass,0200)
driver name:                        rge
instance:                           0
driver state:                       Attached
fm-errcb-capable:                   TRUE
fm-ereport-capable:                 TRUE
pci-msix-capid-pointer:             b0
pci-msi-capid-pointer:              50
pcie-link-supported-speeds:         9502f900
pcie-link-maximum-speed:            9502f900
pcie-link-current-speed:            9502f900
pcie-link-current-width:            1
pcie-link-maximum-width:            1
pcie-aspm-state:                    disabled
pcie-aspm-support:                  l0s,l1
pcie-serial:                        0
assigned-addresses:                 81050010
reg:                                50000
compatible:                         pciex10ec,8168.7470.3468.6
model:                              Ethernet controller
power-consumption:                  1
devsel-speed:                       0
interrupts:                         1
subsystem-vendor-id:                7470
subsystem-id:                       3468
unit-address:                       0
class-code:                         20000
revision-id:                        6
vendor-id:                          10ec
device-id:                          8168

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Updated by Rick V over 1 year ago

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Updated by Rick V over 1 year ago

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Updated by Robert Mustacchi over 1 year ago

This was tested by Rick by leveraging the new device mentioned above and ensuring that the driver loaded and the interface now functioned.

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Updated by Electric Monk over 1 year ago

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git commit 22e68029451fec16a660c22ed1304b05ed67f43d

commit  22e68029451fec16a660c22ed1304b05ed67f43d
Author: Rick V <>
Date:   2020-07-28T14:35:37.000Z

    12973 add support for PCI-E rge cards
    Reviewed by: Andrew Stormont <>
    Reviewed by: Andy Fiddaman <>
    Reviewed by: Garrett D'Amore <>
    Reviewed by: Paul Winder <>
    Approved by: Robert Mustacchi <>


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