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Please port Eclipse to OpenIndiana

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On OI, there is no usable IDE. One has to use advanced editors like Geany, Emacs and Vim to emulate an IDE. This is a disadvantage for OI as it discourages new users come up to OI. Porting Eclipse could somewhat fill in the missing gap.

Eclipse used to be available for Solaris, but the last build of it support Solaris can't run on OI. It crashed immediately. And modern Eclipse has dropped Solaris support. But I was able to successfully build a version of Eclipse for OI as x86_64 binary by adapting the FreeBSD's patches here:

Using the same techniques but adapted for Solaris, I could bring back Eclipse for Solaris. But my problem is I'm have no knowledge about the IPS packaging system nor I have time to do so. I have to be back to Linux as our C++ IDE we used at work, despite based on Eclipse CDT, is proprietary with it own extensions and only available for Windows, Linux and Mac. I have tried to setup Linux on VirtualBox on OI but the performance is not acceptable, so the only solution for me is to wipe OI and install Linux.

BTW, bye everyone. We will not meet each other for a long time, I guess.

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Updated by gh origin over 3 years ago

The FreeBSD's patches are on the files directory on said repo. I forgot to mention that.

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Please note that CodeBlocks is also built and working fine on OI. But I can't get the code completion to work, so I not included it because including it would change nothing, there is still no usable IDE on OI.

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Last Eclipse version with a Solaris build, but it's not work on OI. It core dumped immediately after run.

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I have not had any problem with geany.

I have just built netbeans 12.0 and it works; but complains about openJDK 1.8 is not 1.9. There is 1.14 available, and LTS linux distros provide openJDK 1.11.

sunstudio12.3 can still be installed on hipster. I needed it for cc and sun make for some old code. The old netbeans under sunstudio requires java 1.5 that can still be downloaded.

Would someone like to point me to some docs on how to package netbeans 12.1? Where should the common shared jars go?

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This is great idea. The only problem with it is that actually somebody needs to do the work and propose it for integration into OpenIndiana. Without somebody aiming to work on it there is really very little added value with similar suggestions. I'm sorry. Closing.


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