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cant run / boot - openindiana from flash usb stick

Added by Sam Gridley over 9 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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I initially tried to install the desktop version of OI on a 16G usb flash device which did not go well... the entire (default) install of the OI desktop 148 took more than 12 hours to get it on the stick. I was able to boot freeNAS off of the same stick yesterday as well as a few other OS's. Also when OI was finally installed - i waited some 30 minutes for it to boot up - all the time it appeared to be doing something (with the OI logo and the red 'progress'(?) bar, going back and forth). And again after say 30 min i cycled the power to track down a sata controller and extra disk. Has anyone tried running OpenIndiana off of flash. I am now using a SATA disk. but how and who do i notify to have them look into this problem / possible bug?

if you need more info feel free to contact me..


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Updated by Ivan Debnár over 9 years ago

Probably related/duplicate of #1148. This serious Flash slowness appeared between b134 ( works fast ) and 148 ( slow ) a persists in 151 as well.


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Yes. I can duplicate this. And I think this is the same symptom Ivan wrote.


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Sorry for lately processing.
I think this is same of #1148. So I move this to OI illumos.


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Resolved but ticket not closed.

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