Bug #13315

jdk11 makes consistent javadoc generation impossible

Added by Peter Tribble 5 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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While #13083 enabled builds using jdk11, if jdk11 is updated to the latest release the build fails:

==== package build errors (non-DEBUG) ====

dmake: Warning: Command failed for target `packages.i386/'
dmake: Warning: Target `install' not remade because of errors

==== Validating manifests against proto area ====

Entries present in manifests but not proto area:
file NOHASH group=other mode=0644 owner=root path=usr/share/lib/java/javadoc/dtrace/api/jquery/jquery-3.3.1.js
file NOHASH group=other mode=0644 owner=root path=usr/share/lib/java/javadoc/dtrace/api/jquery/jquery-migrate-3.0.1.js

Entries present in proto area but not manifests:
file usr/share/lib/java/javadoc/dtrace/api/jquery/jquery-3.5.1.js group=group mode=0644 owner=owner path=usr/share/lib/java/javadoc/dtrace/api/jquery/jquery-3.5.1.js

Fundamentally, the generated javadoc (i's only libdtrace_jni, the other javadoc in the gate has already been dropped) is liable to change between java updates in essentially arbitrary fashion.

Rather than attempt to track every single update, it seems cleaner to not build or package javadoc. Rather, we could generate the javadoc output out of band and make it available online where it can be accessed from anywhere.

I've generated the javadoc for the code we have and put a copy here temporarily for examination:

Removing javadoc from the build makes ongoing maintenance much easier, as handling the javadoc was a large part of the effort involved in adding support for newer java versions.


Updated by Electric Monk 5 months ago

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Updated by Peter Tribble 5 months ago

Testing: Build and packaging are clean when built with both java 8 and 11. Checked (by reviewing nightly.log) that javadoc isn't run, and that nothing unexpected ends up in the proto area.


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Author: Peter Tribble <>
Date:   2020-11-23T19:25:04.000Z

    13315 jdk11 makes consistent javadoc generation impossible
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