Bug #1365

mdb needs 16-bit disassembler support

Added by Bryan Cantrill over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Not a joke -- with the presence of KVM, running 16-bit code is actually a possibility (albeit as a guest). Trust me that this seems laughable until you need it -- at which point you desperately need it (namely debugging the BIOS on a virtual image). Fortunately, mdb's architecture and the architecture of the disassembler makes this a snap -- so much so that I consider it a bug that it wasn't originally done and not a feature to add it.


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changeset: 13431:e7ec489c7cf5
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user: Bryan Cantrill <>
date: Sat Aug 13 02:06:39 2011 -0700
1362 add kvmstat for monitoring of KVM statistics
1363 add vmregs[] variable to DTrace
1364 need disassembler support for VMX instructions
1365 mdb needs 16-bit disassembler support
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