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nvmeadm get-logpage doesn't work after 13672

Added by Robert Mustacchi about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Unfortunately, while implementing #13672 I realized that I accidentally regressed the processing of nvmeadm get-logpage. The problem here is that commands were relying on the fact that the eventual argc/argv that they were passed didn't include the actual device in the argv. In the case of something like get-logpage we end up with the following error:

$ pfexec nvmeadm get-logpage nvme0 health
nvmeadm: invalid log page: nvme0

With the fix, get-features, get-lopgage, etc. now work.

$ pfexec ./nvmeadm get-features nvme0 
nvme0: Get Features
    Arbitration Burst:                      64
    Low Priority Weight:                    1
    Medium Priority Weight:                 1
    High Priority Weight:                   1
  Power Management
    Power State:                            0
  Temperature Threshold
    Composite Over Temp. Threshold:         77C
    Composite Under Temp. Threshold:        0C
  Error Recovery
    Time Limited Error Recovery:            no time limit
  Volatile Write Cache
    Volatile Write Cache:                   enabled
  Number of Queues
    Number of Submission Queues:            8
    Number of Completion Queues:            8
  Interrupt Coalescing
    Aggregation Threshold:                  1
    Aggregation Time:                       0us
  Interrupt Vector Configuration
    Vector 0 Coalescing Disable:            yes
  Write Atomicity
    Disable Normal:                         no
  Asynchronous Event Configuration
    Available Space below threshold:        enabled
    Temperature above threshold:            enabled
    Device Reliability compromised:         enabled
    Media read-only:                        enabled
    Volatile Memory Backup failed:          disabled
  Autonomous Power State Transition
    Autonomous Power State Transition:      disabled
  Software Progress Marker
    Pre-Boot Software Load Count:           0
$ pfexec ./nvmeadm get-logpage nvme0 health
nvme0: SMART/Health Information
  Critical Warnings
    Available Space:                        OK
    Temperature:                            OK
    Device Reliability:                     OK
    Media:                                  OK
    Volatile Memory Backup:                 OK
  Temperature:                              31C
  Available Spare Capacity:                 100%
  Device Life Used:                         2%

I'll try to figure out how we can better automate a test suite for this so we can prevent future regressions. Apologies for the issues here.

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Author: Robert Mustacchi <>
Date:   2021-03-31T20:15:03.000Z

    13690 nvmeadm get-logpage doesn't work after 13672
    Reviewed by: Andy Fiddaman <>
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