Bug #1377

mpt_sas reliably panics when firmware updating

Added by Rich Ercolani almost 7 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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I have a large number of LSI SAS2008-based HBA cards - 9201-16e, 9200-8e, 9202-16e, 9211-8i.

All of them reliably panic the machine if I attempt to flash them from any prior firmware version to a newer firmware version (in this case, - the bug does not occur if I merely flash the same firmware revision.

oi_148, x64, on an X8DAH-F+, though I've done it on several other systems.

Attached is the terminal output; core dump will be linked as soon as I get a chance to post it somewhere.

mpt_sas_reset.log Magnifier - terminal commands and output (1.81 KB) Rich Ercolani, 2011-08-15 11:17 AM

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Related to illumos gate - Bug #1344: mpt_sas sometimes triggers kernel panic while in mptsas_restart_hba Resolved 2011-08-06


#2 Updated by Rich Ercolani almost 7 years ago

It appears to only do this if there are any disks or enclosures actually attached, as it reliably fails to panic when this is done on the same models of card with the same firmware revision if nothing is attached. (Whether this is nothing attached to THAT CARD or ANY CARD is an unknown at the moment.)

#3 Updated by Rich Ercolani about 4 years ago

I appear to have never updated this ticket with my discovery that, on the same version of Illumos, this problem does not occur when the starting firmware version is beyond a certain version (I've misplaced my notes, so I don't know which version that is offhand) - flashing from P14 doesn't trigger this, flashing from P9 does. I'll either experiment or find my notes and update.

The panic does still occur on systems after #1344 was fixed, though.

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