Bug #1402

fix for #534 causes dire performance regression

Added by Phil Harrison over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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After doing a clean install to OpenIndiana 151 I noticed that iperf was only showing about 5% utilization of the ixbge0 adapter. Previously in OpenIndiana 148 this figure was around 85-90%.

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Related to illumos gate - Bug #534: DMA KVA cache attributes incorrectRejected2010-12-17

Has duplicate site - Bug #1401: ixgbe intel 10gbit driver very slowClosed2011-08-23


Updated by Chris Jordan over 9 years ago

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Updated by Phil Harrison over 9 years ago

ip module from SmartOS distribution fixes issue, suggest upgrade in illumos.


Updated by Dan McDonald over 9 years ago

If the Joyent IP module fixes the problem, I believe this is a regression/bug introduced by #1361. Stay tuned to see if I'm right.


Updated by Dan McDonald over 9 years ago

While #1361 does need a tiny fix, it was not the cause of the regression.

#534, a fix to ddi_dma_mem_alloc(), caused the regression. The simple thing would be to back it out. A suggestion of further analysis was recommended. Stay tuned to see what happens.


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Resolved in r13441 commit:99f81276ef96


Updated by Bill Sommerfeld over 9 years ago

FYI: I have a very limited sample size, (2 working reboots with this fix, a half dozen broken reboots without it)
I believe backing out #534 may have fixed the atheros driver on my ferrari4000. (the f4k came with a broadcom minipci card which doesn't have a native solaris driver; like others, I replaced it with an aftermarket Atheros mini-pci card which identifies in scanpci as an "AR5001X+", vendor 0x168c/device 0x0013)

With either stock oi_151a from openindiana's dev-il repo, or stock oi_151a plus a genunix I built from changeset 13440:49d0a9c4f724 (the changeset before the backout), the laptop will not connect to my home wifi network; dladm scan-wifi shows no networks.

with a genunix built against changeset 13441:99f81276ef96 (current tip, with the backout), the laptop connects as expected.

Note that I haven't dug deeply into the misbehaving ath to see precisely how it's misbehaving but I can do that if anyone's morbidly curious.

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