Bug #1404

Can't boot Openindiana b151 paravirtual guest on xen/xvm when using boot_archive from fresh install

Added by Florian Manschwetus over 9 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

OS/Net (Kernel and Userland)
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40.00 h


When using boot_archive from livecd (text here, as a pv guest needs not really a gui), it works so far (some trouble with secondary zfs-pool as system id changes), with any kernel (installed as well the one from install-media).
When using the installed boot_archive, the following error occurs on booting the guest:

xl create -c openindiana
Parsing config file openindiana
Daemon running with PID 2634
                            v4.1.1 chgset 'unavailable'
OpenIndiana Build oi_151 64-bit (illumos a4e1558c0599)
SunOS Release 5.11 - Copyright 1983-2010 Oracle and/or its affiliates.
All rights reserved. Use is subject to license terms.

panic[cpu0]/thread=fffffffffbc609e0: BAD TRAP: type=e (#pf Page fault) rp=fffffffffbcb42d0 addr=fffffe00041ed840

#pf Page fault
Bad kernel fault at addr=0xfffffe00041ed840
pid=0, pc=0xfffffffffb8c03f3, sp=0xfffffffffbcb43c8, eflags=0x10246
cr0: 8005003b<pg,wp,ne,et,ts,mp,pe> cr4: 2660<vmxe,xmme,fxsr,mce,pae>
cr2: fffffe00041ed840
        rdi: fffffe00041ed840 rsi:                0 rdx:        10a559273
        rcx:                3  r8:                0  r9: ffffff00c6708000
        rax:                0 rbx:        10a559273 rbp: fffffffffbcb4460
        r10: ffffff00c554b000 r11: ffffff0000000000 r12:                0
        r13:                1 r14: fffffe00041ed840 r15:        10a559273
        fsb:        200000000 gsb: fffffffffbc61c20  ds:                0
         es:                0  fs:                0  gs:                0
        trp:                e err:                3 rip: fffffffffb8c03f3
         cs:             e030 rfl:            10246 rsp: fffffffffbcb43c8
         ss:             e02b

Warning - stack not written to the dump buffer
fffffffffbcb41b0 unix:die+10f ()
fffffffffbcb42c0 unix:trap+17af ()
fffffffffbcb42d0 unix:cmntrap+12b ()
fffffffffbcb4460 unix:atomic_cas_64+3 ()
fffffffffbcb4500 unix:hati_pte_map+18c ()
fffffffffbcb4580 unix:hati_load_common+15d ()
fffffffffbcb4640 unix:hat_devload+198 ()
fffffffffbcb46a0 unix:kmem_override_cache_attrs+be ()
fffffffffbcb4720 unix:i_ddi_mem_alloc+1a4 ()
fffffffffbcb47e0 genunix:ddi_dma_mem_alloc+1a3 ()
fffffffffbcb48a0 unix:xvdi_alloc_ring+d4 ()
fffffffffbcb48f0 xdf:xdf_setstate_init+f5 ()
fffffffffbcb4980 xdf:xdf_attach+387 ()
fffffffffbcb49e0 genunix:devi_attach+80 ()
fffffffffbcb4a10 genunix:attach_node+95 ()
fffffffffbcb4a50 genunix:i_ndi_config_node+c4 ()
fffffffffbcb4a70 genunix:i_ddi_attachchild+40 ()
fffffffffbcb4ab0 genunix:devi_attach_node+ac ()
fffffffffbcb4b10 genunix:ndi_devi_online+c7 ()
fffffffffbcb4bd0 unix:xvdi_create_dev+258 ()
fffffffffbcb4c40 xpvd:xpvd_bus_config+91 ()
fffffffffbcb4cc0 genunix:ndi_devi_config_one+bd ()
fffffffffbcb4d70 genunix:resolve_pathname+19c ()
fffffffffbcb4dd0 genunix:ldi_vp_from_name+ef ()
fffffffffbcb4e40 genunix:ldi_open_by_name+57 ()
fffffffffbcb4ed0 zfs:vdev_disk_read_rootlabel+a0 ()
fffffffffbcb4f20 zfs:spa_generate_rootconf+26 ()
fffffffffbcb4f90 zfs:spa_import_rootpool+31 ()
fffffffffbcb4ff0 zfs:zfs_mountroot+eb ()
fffffffffbcb5010 genunix:fsop_mountroot+1a ()
fffffffffbcb5040 genunix:rootconf+133 ()
fffffffffbcb5080 genunix:vfs_mountroot+63 ()
fffffffffbcb50b0 genunix:main+136 ()
fffffffffbcb50c0 unix:_locore_start+7e ()

skipping system dump - no dump device configured

Related issues

Blocked by illumos gate - Bug #1380: Xen DomU crashes in vfs_mountroot after image-update to /dev-ilClosed2011-08-16


Updated by Albert Lee over 9 years ago

  • Status changed from New to In Progress
  • Target version set to oi_151_stable

This requires an OI illumos build for #1380 (and possibly a separate patch or backport depending on when #1380 integrates).


Updated by Ken Mays over 9 years ago

  • Due date set to 2011-09-14
  • Category set to OS/Net (Kernel and Userland)
  • Assignee set to OI illumos
  • Estimated time set to 40.00 h

Updated by Ken Mays over 6 years ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Closed
  • Target version deleted (oi_151_stable)
  • % Done changed from 0 to 100

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