Feature #14081


bhyve upstream sync 2021 September

Added by Andy Fiddaman 8 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Sync upstream activity in FreeBSD's bhyve into illumos.

The following list shows the commits brought over as part of this sync.
The character in the first column indicates the action taken:

* - patch taken
S - patch skipped
A - patch already in illumos
*    1 bhyve: Enable virtio-scsi legacy config parsing.
*    2 bhyve: change vq_getchain to return iovecs in both directions
*    3 AMD-vi: Fix mismatched NULL checking in amdiommu teardown path
*    4 AMD-vi: Mixed format IVHD block should replace fixed format IVHD block
A    5 Fix typo in xhci nvlist node name, and also increment device counter.
A    6 bhyve: fix regression in legacy virtio-9p config parsing
*    7 bhyve: add SMBIOS Baseboard Information
*    8 bhyve: Move the gdb_active check to gdb_cpu_suspend().
*    9 bhyve: implement rdmsr for MSR_IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL
        (already handled in the illumos kernel, but also add to userland to keep sync with FreeBSD)
*   10 bhyve.8: Make synopsis more readable
*   11 bhyve: Fix synopsis in the usage message
*   12 bhyve: Improve the option description in the usage message
*   13 bhyve.8: Sort the options in the OPTIONS section
*   14 bhyve.8: Improve the description and synopsis of -l
*   15 bhyve.8: Improve the description of the -m flag
S   16 bhyve.8: Fix the synopsis of -p
S   17 bhyve.8: Clean up description of -r              (snapshot)
*   18 bhyve.8: Fix indention in the signals table
*   19 bhyve.8: Clean-up synopsis of -s
*   20 bhyve.8: Clean up the slot description of -s
*   21 bhyve.8: Improve emulation description of the -s flag
S   22 bhyve.8: Clean up network backends section
*   23 bhyve.8: Clean up block storage device backends description
S   24 bhyve.8: Clean up SCSI device backends section
*   25 bhyve.8: Clean up 9P device backends section
*   26 bhyve.8: Clean up TTY, boot ROM, and pass-through descriptions
*   27 bhyve.8: Clean up virtio console device backends description
*   28 bhyve.8: Improve framebuffer backends description
*   29 bhyve.8: Improve documentation of NVME backend
*   30 bhyve.8: Improve AHCI backends documentation
S   31 bhyve: Document the format for HD audio backends
*   32 bhyve.8: Fix mandoc -Tlint issues
*   33 AMD-vi: Fortify IVHD device_identify process
*   34 bhyve: Be explicit that setting config.dump will not start a VM.
*   35 Append Keyboard Layout specified option for using VNC.
*   36 bhyve: Gracefully handle virtio-scsi with no conf
*   37 bhyve: Set SO_REUSEADDR on the gdb stub socket
*   38 libvmm: explicitly save and restore errno in vm_open()
S   39 bhyve/snapshot: provide a way to send other messages/data to bhyve
S   40 bhyve/snapshot: split up mutex/cond initialization from socket creation
*   41 vmm: Let guests enable SMEP/SMAP if the host supports it
*   42 Add a virtio-input device emulation.             (but not wired up)
*   43 bhyve: Register new kevents synchronously.
*   44 bhyve: Add support for EVFILT_VNODE mevents.
*   45 bhyve: Add support for handling disk resize events to block_if.
*   46 bhyve: Split out a lower-level helper for VirtIO interrupts.
*   47 bhyve vtblk: Inform guests of disk resize events.
*   48 bhyve: enhance debug info for memory range clash
*   49 bhyve: Fix cli regression with NVMe ram          (replaces 13860)
*   50 vmm: Fix ivrs_drv device_printf usage
*   51 bhyve: fix NVMe MDTS comment
*   52 bhyve: Fix NVMe iovec construction for large IOs
*   53 vmm: Fix AMD-vi using wrong rid range
*   54 libvmmapi: Fix warnings and stop overridding WARNS
*   55 bhyve: net_backends, automatically IFF_UP tap devices
S   56 vmm: Bump vmname buffer in struct vm to VM_MAX_NAMELEN + 1
*   57 bhyve: Use fspacectl(2) for BOP_DELETE on regular file images
A   58 amd64: Fix output operand specs for the stmxcsr and vmread intrinsics
*   59 vmm: Make iommu ops tables const
*   60 vmm: Fix wrong assert in ivhd_dev_add_entry
S   61 bhyve: Use pci(4) to access I/O port BARs
S   62 vmm: Add credential to cdev object
*   63 byhve: add option to specify IP address for gdb
*   64 bhyve: change a default address from ANY to localhost
*   65 bhyve: Fix vq_getchain() error handling bugs in various device models
*   66 bhyve: Nuke double-semicolons
S   67 Create sys/reg.h for the common code previously in machine/reg.h
*   68 bhyve: Fix pci device node key in bhyve_config.5
A   69 Remove an always-true check.

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