Bug #1426

Feature #1361: Add support for socket options TCP_KEEPCNT, TCP_KEEPIDLE, TCP_KEEPINTVL

1361 missed two codepaths

Added by Dan McDonald almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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The changes for bug 1361 missed two codepaths (and this code reviewer takes full responsibility for missing them during review).

1.) The tcp_reinit_values() function needs to mention every field in tcp_t, according to the header file. It actually doesn't, but our new fields should be mentioned in there.

2.) tcp_init_values() has a (parent != NULL) case (i.e. sockets created by accept(3xn)) which doesn't copy over the new values.

acceptor.c Magnifier - Test program (2.02 KB) Dan McDonald, 2011-08-30 03:12 PM


#1 Updated by Dan McDonald almost 7 years ago

Attached is a test program (acceptor.c) that'll open a server-side socket. Once you telnet to that port (default == 2112), it'll accept one connection, and compare parent vs. child values of the tcp_t fields in question.

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1426 1361 missed two codepaths
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