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fix a few broken pkg aliases

Added by Robert Mustacchi 10 months ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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When we put together the changes to switch to the v2 manifests, there were a number of manifest errors that were found. Of these, there were three in particular that represented bugs in the manifest:

driver-network-dmfe.p15m: Here there's an alias of the form alias=pci128h,9102. I looked up in the history of what happened and there was actually a comment in the old SUNWdfme package of the following form:

# Okay, so 128h is not a legal PCI vendor id.  But apparently some SPARC
# firmware creates the node with this id.  Not sure why, possibly it is
# a firmware bug, possibly it was intended to prevent the driver from
# being used with 3rd party NICs.  Whatever the reason, it isn't relevant
# anymore, but we still have to support the old node.

So, this is a SPARC special. Given the SPARC IPD, we can drop it I believe.

driver-network-upf.p5m: This had two invalid entries, alias=usbb3p,109 and alias=usbb3p,901. b3p is not a valid vendor id. In looking at the history, this was due to an error from me when I imported this driver in #6930. Looking back at this, it turned out this was a typo for the vendor OCT who has a vendor ID of b39.

/system-kernel-platform.p5m: here in the pcipsy driver, there was a single alias of the form alias=pci. This didn't have any more information there that we could draw on. As this was just a SPARC alias I opted to just remove it.

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For testing I just did full debug and non-debug builds.

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git commit eabc1bc5e61dbfdd2fc3cb588315c864d621d500

commit  eabc1bc5e61dbfdd2fc3cb588315c864d621d500
Author: Robert Mustacchi <>
Date:   2021-12-17T14:30:13.000Z

    14274 fix a few broken pkg aliases
    Reviewed by: Andy Fiddaman <>
    Approved by: Rich Lowe <>


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