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bhyve upstream sync 2022 January

Added by Andy Fiddaman 5 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Sync upstream activity in FreeBSD's bhyve into illumos.

The following list shows the commits brought over as part of this sync.
The characters in the first columns indicate the action taken:

S - skipped
U - updated to match upstream
~ - partially taken
* - merged
 F - only freebsd-specific code changed
 A - already had

UA   1  bhyve: Support setting the disk serial number for VirtIO block devices.
S    2  cpuset(9): Add CPU_FOREACH_IS(SET|CLR) and modify consumers to use it
S    3  Revert "cpuset(9): Add CPU_FOREACH_IS(SET|CLR) and modify consumers...
SA   4  bhyve: Update the -G description in the SYNPOSIS.
*    5  bhyve_config.5: Document gdb.address.
*F   6  bhyve: Add an empty case for event types in mevent_kq_fflags().
*    7  bhyve: Map the MSI-X table unconditionally for passthrough
*    8  bhyve.8: Fix markup of the -G flag
*    9  bhyve: Update usage and synopsis for the -k flag
*   10  bhyve: ignore low bits of CFGADR
S   11  cpuset(9): Add CPU_FOREACH_IS(SET|CLR) and modify consumers to use it
S   12  bhyve: Fix the WITH_BHYVE_SNAPSHOT build
~   13  vlapic: Schedule callouts on the local CPU
                Created vlapic_callout_reset() and used it, but not moving
                the cyclic since it's already localised via cyclic_move_here()
                early on
*   14  bhyve: Bump the SMBIOS firmware version to 14.0 for 14-CURRENT
*   15  bhyve: use physical lobits for BARs of passthru devices
*   16  bhyve: do not explicitly map fbuf framebuffer
*   17  bhyve: move 64 bit BAR location to match OVMF assumptions
*   18  bhyve: use a fixed 32 bit BAR base address
*   19  bhyve: keep physical and virtual COMMAND reg in sync
*   20  bhyve: emulate reads of MSI-X capabilities for passthru devices
*   21  bhyve: Fix compile
*   22  bhyve blockif: fix blockif_candelete with Capsicum
*   23  bhyve: fix -Wunused-but-set-variable warning
*   24  bhyve: Support a _VARS.fd file for bootrom
*F  25  bhyve: set EV_CLEAR for EVFILT_VNODE mevents
*   26  bhyve nvme: Add AEN support to NVMe emulation
*   27  bhyve nvme: Inform guests of namespace resize
S   28  bhyve: Only snapshot initialized VirtIO queues
*   29  bhyve: passthru: enable BARs before possibly mmap(2)ing them
*   30  bhyve: clean up trailing whitespaces
SA  31  bhyve smbios type 3 structure is incorrect
S   32  Make CPU_SET macros compliant with other implementations
*   33  bhyve: only init MSI-X table if passthru device supports it
*   34  bhyve: enumerate BARs by size
*   35  bhyve: allow reading of fwctl signature multiple times
*   36  bhyve: add more slop to 64 bit BARs
*   37  bhyve: dynamically register FwCtl ports

Of note in this wad are:

  • Support for persistent UEFI variables;
  • AEN support in NVMe, with notifications being posted if the device size changes;
  • Improvements in passthrough, including workarounds for devices or guest drivers which do not adhere to the PCI spec.

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