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bhyve upstream sync 2022 March

Added by Andy Fiddaman 7 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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Sync upstream activity in FreeBSD's bhyve into illumos.

The following list shows the commits brought over as part of this sync.
The characters in the first columns indicate the action taken. Of note are
the NVMe changes which bring the version up to 1.4 and after which the emulation
passes the UNH NVMe compliance tests -
(tested in FreeBSD, presumably also true on illumos).

This also adds support for keyboard layouts to bhyve's RFB server.

S - skipped
U - updated to match upstream
~ - partially taken
* - merged
 F - only freebsd-specific code changed
 A - already had
S    1  vmm: vlapic resume can eat 100% CPU by vlapic_callout_handler
*    2  bhyve: add support for MTRR
*    3  bhyve: add nvlist functions for setting unset nodes
*    4  bhyve: get mediasize for character devices when resizing virtio-blk
S    5  bhyve/snapshot: fix pthread_create() error check
*    6  Append Keyboard Layout specified option for using VNC.
*    7  bhyve: ahci: Fix regression with no ports
*F   8  bhyve/block_if: allow DIOCGMEDIASIZE ioctl
S    9  pkgbase: bhyve: Tag the kbdlayout file to be in the bhyve package
*   10  bhyve nvme: Advertise v1.4 support
*   11  bhyve nvme: Fix NVM Format completion status
*   12  bhyve nvme: Fix Namespace Specific Set Features
*   13  bhyve nvme: Implement Log Page Offset
*   14  bhyve nvme: Add missing Admin opcodes
*   15  bhyve nvme: Remove redundant AER Limit checks
*   16  bhyve nvme: Fix Set Features
*   17  bhyve nvme: Add Temperature Threshold support
*   18  bhyve nvme: Update v1.4 Identify Controller data
*   19  bhyve nvme: Add Select support to Get Features
*   20  bhyve nvme: Fix LBA out-of-range calculation
*   21  bhyve nvme: Fix reported VWC value
*   22  bhyve nvme: Fix Set Features, AEN
*   23  bhyve nvme: Fix Identify Namespace, NSID=ffffffff
*   24  bhyve/virtio: use correct device id for virtio-scsi
*   25  Extend the VMM stats interface to support a dynamic count of statistics.
*   26  bhyve: Fix getaddrinfo() error handling
S   27  bhyve/snapshot: switch to nvlist for snapshot requests
S   28  bhyve/snapshot: use a string for cmd element in the nvlist
*   29  nvme: Add OAES bit-field definitions
*   30  nvme: fix spelling of Namespace
*   31  bhyve nvme: Advertise Namespace changed AEN
*   32  bhyve: plug memory leak in topology_parse()
S   33  vmm: fix "set but not used" warnings
S   34  vmm: fix "set but not used" warnings
S   35  vmm: fix "set but not used" warnings
*   36  bhyve: add varfile option to nvlist of lpc device
*   37  bhyve: Allocate mmio_hint array based on number of guest CPUs.
*   38  bhyve: Make the MADT dynamically sized.
*   39  bhyve: Allocate dynamic arrays to hold per-VCPU state.
*F  40  bhyve: Don't force an upper bound on vCPUs when parsing pinning.
*   41  bhyve: Use vm_get_topology to query kernel's maximum vCPU count.
*   42  bhyve: Remove VM_MAXCPU from the userspace API/ABI.
*   43  bhyve: export funcs for read/write pci config
*   44  bhyve: add ROM emulation
SA  45  bhyve/usage: memory size is not in MB
*   46  bhyve.8: Fix a typo
U   47  bhyve: missing mutex initializations
S   48  bhyvectl: drop vm_get_name()
S   49  libvmm: constify vm_get_name()
S   50  bhyve/snapshot: limit snapshot filename to NAME_MAX
S   51  bhyve: sweep MAX_VMNAME

Related issues

Related to illumos gate - Bug #14493: Three small memory leaks in bhyveClosedAndy Fiddaman

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Updated by Andy Fiddaman 7 months ago

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Actions #4

Updated by Andy Fiddaman 5 months ago

This change has been in OmniOS bloody since March,and is also in the r151042 stable release.

I've done some rudimentary tests on the MTRR support in a Linux guest, showing that the values persist.

root@bhyvetest:~# cat /proc/mtrr
root@bhyvetest:~# echo "base=0x0c0000000 size=0x20000 type=uncachable" > /proc/mtrr
root@bhyvetest:~# cat /proc/mtrr
reg00: base=0x0c0000000 ( 3072MB), size=  128KB, count=1: uncachable

I haven't tested the new ROM emulation code, but there are more pieces required to make that fully functional for GPU pass-through anyway, and we may never adopt that in illumos. It's useful to stay close to upstream in any regard.

Actions #5

Updated by Andy Fiddaman 5 months ago

I've also tested running the VNC server with the new keyboard layout options and confirmed that they work when one uses a VNC client that does not support the QEMU extended keyboard event codes. This was tested with a Windows VM running with the Swiss German keyboard layout.

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Updated by Electric Monk 5 months ago

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git commit d7b72f7b52f902da47cc7210a9121f4caabbcb9c

commit  d7b72f7b52f902da47cc7210a9121f4caabbcb9c
Author: Andy Fiddaman <>
Date:   2022-05-12T18:30:12.000Z

    14578 bhyve upstream sync 2022 March
    14493 Three small memory leaks in bhyve
    Reviewed by: Patrick Mooney <>
    Approved by: Dan McDonald <>


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